Promos with the P! Guys - Episode 22 - Epex Promotional First Aid Kits

Promos With the P! Guys – Episode 22 – Epex First Aid Kits

On Episode 22 of Promos With the P! Guys, we continue our adventure series and talk about 3 promotional first aid kits from the Epex line of promotional items. When exploring the great outdoors, minor cuts, scrapes, bug bits, sunburns, and other annoying minor injuries will happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Having a compact kit with the outdoor essentials can make your trip more pleasurable.

We’ll also share the worst time to have a heart attack according to statistics.

Promos With the P! Guys Episode 22

Featured Epex First Aid Kits:

West Beach Trail First Aid Kit

Conneaut Creek 1L Dry Bag First Aid Kit

Longs Peak First Aid Outdoor Essentials Kit

You can see all of our promotional first aid kits here.

All of our Epex items can be found here.

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