Promote Your Logo On-the-Go with Custom Igloo Coolers

Looking for a product that will encourage on-the-go marketing for your company? Look no further than custom Igloo coolers.

These products can be used outdoors or indoors, name any occasion. But the best part about them is how they are effective in promoting your logo with their purpose and use.

Coolers hold your drinks and snacks for on-the-go use while also displaying your company logo right on the front for everyone who is around or using your custom Igloo cooler to see.

Wondering about reasons custom Igloo coolers are so great and the ways they can be distributed by your company? Keep reading this article to find out about those reasons!

Fun and Effective Corporate Gift

What better time to give away custom Igloo coolers than summertime?

Since summer is upon us and everyone will be taking more trips to the beach, they’ll really appreciate their custom Igloo coolers from your company. Give these away to your employees to show how much you value their hard work so far this year. You can even gift them to your best clients as a token of appreciation for their loyalty to your company.

Or if you’re planning an annual corporate beach trip or picnic, custom Igloo coolers are the perfect product to gift to employees before that happens. They’ll be loving their coolers and feeling excited to use them again.

For employees they can even become their work lunch bag. They’ll be using them every time they come in to the office or workspace. These custom Igloo coolers will do a great job of keeping their lunches cold and fresh.

Your employees will greatly appreciate their custom coolers because they won’t have to worry about buying themselves a new one this year if they were planning on it.

Quality and Durability

Your custom Igloo coolers are not only super useful and effective, their quality is what makes them such a great product as well.

Want to be sure that they will serve their purpose well? Don’t worry. They are made with enhanced insulation with antimicrobial lining. This means they will keep your items cold and their lining will reduce the risk of contamination.

Another great thing about custom Igloo coolers is that they have removable molded hard-sided liners. This will make cleaning them out easy for you.

Choosing a promo product that offers long-term use and reliability is super important for your company. Custom Igloo coolers fit the mold here and you will not be disappointed with the results they are sure to bring.

Customizable Options and Opportunities

Another awesome thing about custom Igloo coolers is that they have a lot customizable opportunities. You can choose from a number of colors and designs.

It’s up to you what they will look like, but he best idea is to go with what you feel would best represent your company.

No matter how you customize them, your custom Igloo coolers will be a huge hit.

One important characteristic to look for in promo products is whether or not they can be customized. Custom Igloo coolers offer this feature and more. This proves that they are a great promo product for your company to choose.

Want to order your custom Igloo cooler in black, grey, blue, or red? Or maybe even one with stripes? It’s entirely up to you. And don’t forget that you can choose one to imprint your logo on the front for everyone to see.

Custom Igloo Coolers We Offer

At Perfect Imprints we have a large variety of custom coolers for you to choose from. One brand in particular that we offer is the Igloo coolers which have proven their quality and reliability for years. This makes them a great option for your company to choose.

Here are the custom Igloo coolers that we have available for you to customize and order with us:

Igloo® Leftover Lunch Bag

Our easy-access, wide-mouth, zip-up Igloo Leftover Lunch Bag is the perfect corporate gift for your employees and clients. It’s perfectly sized to fit an individual lunch. It even has a front zippered pocket for extra storage.

You have the option of choosing between a cooler with black and blue colors or one in heather gray. We also offer this color with a striped pattern.

For each of these custom Igloo coolers, you have the opportunity to imprint your company logo right on the front. This is what makes it easy to promote your company on-the-go and when they are being used.

These are extremely affordable to purchase individually or in bulk, depending on your needs.

In terms of your spending budget, you will want to make smart decisions about what promo products you choose. Custom Igloo coolers are worth the investment because of their benefits and effectiveness for your marketing strategy.

Igloo® Akita Cooler

Not only does this cooler offer a lot of storage size and space for more items to keep cool, this Igloo Akita Cooler is great for other reasons. It has dual mesh water bottle pockets on its sides and a front zippered pocket for extra storage.

You can order this custom Igloo cooler in the colors black, red, or heather gray. No matter what color you choose, there is always the option to imprint your custom logo right on the front of your custom Igloo cooler.

The shoulder strap is also adjustable and the inside has a 24 can capacity. So you are able to store an entire pack of beer in these coolers, making your beach trip easier since you won’t have to carry so much.

Ready to Order Your Company’s Custom Igloo Cooler(s)?

If you’ve got the feeling that custom Igloo coolers are the perfect promo product for your company, head on over to our website to shop through our custom Igloo coolers.

If you would like to contact us about an order request, visit this link.

Look no further for your promo product needs than Perfect Imprints! Our mission is to deliver creative solutions and quality products while ensuring an effortless experience for our clients.

We’re here to help show you why products like our custom Igloo coolers are great for your market strategies and product needs. And we want to make the process as easy as possible for your company! We know how valuable your time is and we strive to make sure it is well spent.

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