Eco Friendly Promotional Products: Marketing Your Business While Saving the Planet

Looking for a new way to advertise more effectively? Maybe you want to say more than the same old catchy jingle on a commercial this year? Consider showing your brand’s purpose and social responsibility by advertising with eco-friendly promotional products. It has been discovered that 40% of consumers seek purposeful brands that act in society’s best interest. In fact, if you are marketing to millennials, the value of responsible marketing is even greater. 71% of US millennials hope companies will take the lead on social issues.

Show your dedication to social responsibility by utilizing eco-friendly promotional products. 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand that has given them a promotional product. There are lots of affordable ways to use renewable resources in promotional products. Some examples of these materials are:


Cork is one of the most renewable resources in the world, and has become a focus for many promotional products lately. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to promote your business, think cork. Below are some examples of cork products that can be customized with your logo.

Cork Tumbler

Cork Hat

Cork Picture Frame


Bamboo can absorb twice the amount of carbon dioxide that trees can, which is why bamboo plants are a great thing to encourage the use of. The more you buy bamboo, the more it will be farmed. And during bamboo’s farming, it will clean the air and generate 30% more oxygen than most plants and trees. Below are some ideas of bamboo products that are eco-friendly.

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Water Bottle

Bamboo Cheese Board


Wheat is a newer, trending resource. Wheat farming has become increasingly sustainable in recent years. Since 1980, soil conservation in wheat production in the US has improved over 30 percent. Because of sustainability, wheat farming is an eco-friendly thing to support. If you are an environmentally conscious business interested in doing a promotion, wheat stalk promo items are perfect for you! Wheat is a new and trending resource, and the creative ways to use wheat are limitless. Below are some of the fun new ways we are using wheat promotional products this year. 

Wheat Mug

Wheat Lunch Set with Phone Holder

Wheat Straw Kit in Travel Case

Recycled Materials

If you’re looking for other eco-friendly promotional products to pair with these trendy resources, look no further than promo items from recycled materials. Below are sustainable and eco friendly swag items.

Recycled Cotton Messenger Bag

Recycled Notebook

Recycled Pen

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