A promotional frisbee makes brands and organizations fly

Frisbees have come a long way from the time when they were accidentally invented using pie tins and aluminum plates. Today, they’re a fixture on college quads and university greens. All you need to play is a friend, a little wind and of course, that famous flying disk. Promotional Frisbees are a great way to emblazon a sports item with a company brand or team mascot because of how often they’re seen.

In addition to a simple game of catch, people play a lot of different games with Frisbees. Ultimate Frisbee is becoming more popular than ever, with many colleges beginning to organize competitive teams that visit other schools for high-octane matches. A company that sponsors a team by providing high-quality promotional products would get quite a bit of exposure.

Another fun game that’s played with the disk is frolf, or Frisbee golf. If you visit a lot of the parks and preserves throughout the country, you’ll see young people and old folks alike indulging in this game of accuracy and patience. More people get involved with frolf every day, so it’s a good idea to think about investing in promotional Frisbees to add some subtle marketing to natural landscapes that otherwise would be safe from advertisers.

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