Your front desk likely used to hold promotional pens. Whether clients needed to sign in, complete forms, or write down an appointment reminder, it’s something we’ve all become accustomed to at any office, but especially doctor, chiropractor, physical therapy, and other health-related offices. You naturally reach for a pen, use it, and put it back.

Those were the pre-COVID days. Today we can’t share for fear of spreading the illness. Now instead of sharing pens, we’re wearing masks, talking through Plexiglas, and sitting six feet apart in waiting rooms. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer pens for your customers. In fact, it’s a great time to market your company by giving pens away.

What to Consider Before Giving out Pens

Promotional pens make a great giveaway whether you normally give gifts to clients or you need to prevent shared writing utensils at the office. Before you choose pens, consider the following:

  • How many will you need? Do you have a large practice and need something budget-friendly, or will your giveaway be less frequent, and you can splurge a little on ‘nicer’ pens? Any pen is a lovely gift, as it helps your clients avoid sharing, but knowing the size of your audience helps.
  • What’s your intention? Aside from avoiding shared writing utensils, what do you hope to get out of the giveaway? Do you want users to remember your business when they use it, or are you looking for a way to make your audience smile during these difficult times?
  • What’s your color scheme? Do you want pens that fit in with your company’s colors? We offer a large selection of full-color promotional pens giving you many options to match your company’s theme. 

While we highly recommend antibacterial pens during these times, we have a large variety of pens from which you can choose.

Antibacterial Pens

Let’s face it; today, we are all about how we can fight germs. We wear masks, carry hand sanitizer with us everywhere, and keep our distance from others. Antibacterial pens are an excellent gift for your customers as they provide 99.9% protection from bacteria.

It’s a great pen for your clients to carry around in their purse or backpack to use when they are out. Not every business is thoughtful enough to supply individual pens or any pens at all. Show your customers you care by providing branded pens that keep them healthy while helping you market your business. Our antibacterial promotional pens are available in various colors to match your company theme while keeping your clients safe.

Stylus PensPromotional Stylus Pens

Most consumers today use an electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Even if they don’t, carrying a stylus helps keep them hands-free when using keypads at stores or doctor’s offices. Customizable stylus pens make a great gift for your clients, as they help them stay germ-free and keep you at the forefront of their minds when they use them. 

You’ll find stylus pens with many functions, including those with a screen cleaner, highlighter, or even a phone stand. These features help your patients or clients be as hands-free as possible, which is everyone’s goal right now as we navigate COVID-19 and find ways to stay safe.

Novelty Pens 

Everyone could use a reason to laugh these days. As we all figure out our new normal and how to do things we used to do with ease, life gets serious. Between parents talking about school and making important decisions to adults figuring out how to end their unemployment and make money, everyone feels worn out. Give your customers or patients a reason to laugh with our large selection of novelty pens. 

Syringe pens make a great gift from a doctor or pharmaceutical rep. Imprint your company name or put an uplifting message on the pen to make people smile. They’ll remember who it’s from, even without your company name on it. 

Spinner pens have cute spinning shapes at the top, giving users a reason to smile. Use the globe pens to remind everyone we are all in this together and we can fight this; the heart pen to remind users you are here for them, and the smiley face pen to give someone a reason to smile, even on the most challenging days. 

Does your doctor or office have a passion for a specific sport? Hand out fun-shaped sports pens, such as hockey sticks or baseball bats. It’s something silly, but it gives everyone a reason to smile. Put your practice’s name on the promotional pen, and your audience will smile every time they use the pen. Even if we aren’t seeing many sports right now, it’s a wonderful reminder of the things we love.

Plastic Promotional Pens Good Quality Low Cost Promotional Pens

If you want something traditional, plastic pens are budget-friendly and useful. Everyone uses pens – they don’t get tossed when they get home. Clients and customers usually put pens in their purses, briefcase, or a specific drawer at home. If you give out plastic pens with your name on them, it’s a reminder of your business or practices each time they use it.

If you have a large practice or foresee giving out a large number of pens, this option is budget-friendly but still fun. 

The traditional Calliope Pen comes in a variety of colors and has a traditional look. Many people like the ‘clicking’ pens because not only does it write, but it provides a fidgeting mechanism that many people use to calm their nerves. 

The Marco Pen is a ‘step up’ from the Calliope Pen but is still very affordable. People love these promotional pens for their slightly more sophisticated look and the dimpled rubber grip that makes them easier to hang onto while writing. 

We also love the Herio Pen for its solid color and stand-out graphics, where you customize it with your company name and phone number or even a message you want to share. It writes incredibly smoothly and provides your clients or customers with a useful tool that they’ll love.

Pens are an inexpensive and safe giveaway. You don’t have to worry about sharing writing utensils and potentially spreading germs throughout your practice. Recipients appreciate the gesture, and most will keep a pen with them to avoid shared use in other businesses that may think about the risk of sharing pens. 

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