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One, Two, Qi: Promotional Phone Chargers and Their Benefits

Custom Qi Phone Chargers

Over 500 billion US dollars is spent annually on marketing tactics. What does this mean for your organization? It means you want to be sure that the money you invest in marketing gives you the return you want.

So what kind of marketing tactic is the best for you? There’s more than one way to market and promote your organization, team, or business.

Giving out promotional products is one tried-and-true way that helps businesses get ahead. Gifting products that feature your logo can make a strong impact that lasts longer than other marketing tactics. You want to choose items that are useful and needed by your potential customers.

The best products you can choose for your campaign are promotional phone chargers that feature your company’s brand. Here are ways these items can boost your business and make a lasting impact.

Benefits of Promotional Products

Your consumers are more likely to keep and use your promotional product when it is something useful. This typically includes items like hats or bags but more recently has extended into tech gadgets. What are the benefits of sending out promotional products?

Effective Low-Cost Marketing

Even with a healthy budget, it’s hard for businesses to get the advertising campaign of their dreams. An easy alternative is to invest in simple promotional products that feature your business or organization name.

It’s also fairly easy to order promotional products. Product manufacturers keep the prices low for large-quantity orders. Prices of these simple gifts are low, but the impact on your company is high.

Hand them out during community events or give them to incoming employees as a welcome gift. People will appreciate a new pen or a convenient coffee tumbler. Products like these will spread your company exposure.

Instant Brand Recognition

The more products you hand out, the more often your logo is spotted. This makes it easier for your consumers to recognize your brand and logo.

A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) showed that most people keep their promotional gifts for eight months. This means your advertisement gets a memorable and long-term lifespan.

Make sure your logo fits well on the product and stands out easily. The more your product is enjoyed, the longer it will be kept around.

More Exposure of Your Business

Other advertising mediums like commercials or billboards pass by in an instant. Because of this, they are easily forgotten.

Promotional gift items work better because consumers see them more often. Most people will be able to remember the name of a company after receiving a promotional item from them.

Works Like a Business Card

Business cards are important for introducing people to your company name and services. They see the image on the card and learn more about your business.

Promotional products work in a similar way. They introduce potential customers to your business. You can include your website or hashtag along with your company’s logo.

Unlike business cards, your gifts won’t get lost or thrown away soon after. Instead, your company’s name will be memorable.

Shows the Quality of Your Business

As you order your promotional products, make sure you choose high-quality products. These will show the quality of your business.

Individuals will associate cheap products with an untrustworthy business. Likewise, they’ll associate quality products with a company they know they’ll love.

This is why it’s important to choose promotional products that are well-made and highly desired. Giving out winter gloves in July won’t help your business. Instead, choose needed items like coffee mugs or tech gadgets that everyone wants.

The Best Promotional Phone Chargers for You

The best way to get an ROI on your promotional products is to choose an item that everyone will need and use. This is why Qi wireless chargers are a popular choice for promotional products.

What Is Qi?

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a wireless gadget standard. Today, it’s built right into smartphones from all major phone manufacturers. It’s a charging method that allows you to charge your devices without plugging in a power cable.

This makes it a great option for promotional products because many types of devices can work with it. How does Qi wireless charging work though?

How Qi Wireless Phone Chargers Work

The basic concept of a Qi wireless charger is simple. This means you don’t need to worry about it confusing your audience when you’re handing them out. This type of charger uses induction coils built into the body of the charger.

When a phone rests on a Qi wireless charger, the coils inside both devices start to work together. The charger creates an electromagnetic field, which causes the phone’s coils to make an electrical current. This current then flows into the phone’s battery and charges it up.

You’ll want to make sure the Qi charger you promote has visual markers for where a device needs to go. Once the charging station is plugged in, users can place their phones on it and re-charge the batteries.

This is a simple way to charge your phone and your target audience can use it for various devices. This means a promotional Qi charger will have an even greater impact on your audience.

Qi’s Universal Features

A wireless phone charger makes the ideal promotional gift for any type of target audience. Even if you’re marketing to tech professionals, a Qi charger is a great promo gift because it uses a type of charging that professionals prefer.

Qi uses an inductive style of charging, which means manufacturers find it easy to build it into their products. Your audience members with both Android and Apple phones can use it, and it even works for some smartwatches and electric toothbrushes.

A major bonus to wireless charging is that it’s safer for consumers to use. Cables break and wires get exposed, which means plugging it into an outlet can be dangerous. Data privacy also becomes an issue with other types of chargers, because public charging ports could access private data.

Need another reason to love wireless charging? Not only are Qi wireless chargers adaptable and safe, but they’re also more energy-efficient than other modes. This means your Qi wireless chargers will be less bulky. You can have more space to fit your brand logo and the product will look attractive to your audience.

Why Choose Qi to Promote Your Business?

If you’re preparing promotional gifts for a company event, then it’s time to choose a product that’s perfect for your marketing goals. Here are some reasons why a promotional Qi wireless charger is your best choice.

Reach More of Your Audience

Normally when you’re choosing which product to hand out at a convention or trade show, you zero in on an item that your target audience will love. Sometimes this decision can be hard. This is because certain items will impress some audiences but disappoint others.

This is why choosing a commonly needed item like a phone charger is a great choice for promotional products. It’s estimated that there are over six billion mobile phone users worldwide. Any audience will enjoy a phone charger–whether they’re teachers, executives, parents, or students.

A Never-Ending Ad

Other types of advertisements have a short lifespan, but a promotional product lasts longer. When you couple that with a product that’s used daily, it means you’re sending out an ad that almost never ends.

A wireless charger reaches more of your audience and is used two times per day on average. What’s more, users can take their charger with them to use at work or in the car. This means your “ad” is getting attention more often and in more locations than other advertisements.

Build Your Word-Of-Mouth Reputation

Choosing to give out a unique wireless phone charger builds your company’s word-of-mouth reputation. A customized phone charger can become a conversation starter. Soon your target audience will be sharing both their charger and your company’s name with others.

Tell Your Audience the Value of Your Business

You never want to choose a cheap promotional product that will land in the trash before your target audience gets home. For your product to have its full effect, you’ll want your audience to use it for weeks or months on end.

When you choose a high-quality promotional charger, you’re telling your customers how much your business is worth. Cheap pens make your audience distrust you. Quality tech gadgets impress your audience and leave them feeling valued.

To prep for that upcoming event, choose the perfect Qi wireless charger. Add your company’s unique logo and impress your favorite audience.

Give a Unique and Customizable Gift

Thousands of businesses hand out pens and notepads. When you promote your brand on a custom wireless charger, you stand out from the crowd. Your gift will catch the eye of potential customers. It also says to them, “Our business is unique and valuable.”

You can choose from a variety of charger styles to customize your gift. Wireless phone-charging mouse pads make a great option if you’re targeting office professionals. Transportable chargers that fit into car vents will please any target customer.

Wireless phone chargers come in different shapes and styles and will change the way your printed logo looks. Choose the best option that displays your logo well and gives extra space for website information or company hashtags.

Make a Memorable Impression

You want your promotional products to be the opposite of amnesia. When your gifts are effective, your business is recognized, remembered, and trusted. Using items like promo phone chargers as a marketing tactic can result in a 70% chance of an individual purchasing from your business.

How do you get them to remember your name? A quality gift that is useful and enjoyed will remind them of you every time it’s used.

Wondering How to Promote Your Business with Qi Promo Gifts?

If you’re just starting out and still learning how to market your business with promotional gifts, there are simple tactics to make it easier. One way is to attend a business conference while armed with your amazing gifts.

Thousands of potential customers attend conferences every year. This makes it a simple way to share information about your business. Set up a booth with an eye-grabbing display and get ready to talk about the facts behind your company.

Make sure you bring promotional gifts that stand out from the crowd. Choosing customized phone chargers is a great way to make your business look professional and high-quality.

You can also bring handy gifts like lanyards or totes to display with your custom Qi phone chargers. Are people wondering how they work? Use this as an opportunity to start a conversation with potential customers.

Another fun idea is to create raffle bags that come packed with your customized goodies and pamphlets about your business. Everyone likes winning free stuff, and this will get your advertisement in front of excited consumers.

Your Customers Will Never Forget You (Or Your Promo Phone Chargers)

As an advertising medium, promotional products have proven to be effective in the long-run. Make sure the gifts you use are innovative and tasteful. Choose products like promotional phone chargers that are popular and make sense with your campaign.

You want your recipients to associate happiness with your logo. Start shopping for a promotional product today that will bring you business tomorrow.

Not sure which Qi wireless charger is best for you? Try this customizable and fast wireless charger that will impress any audience.

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