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Promotional Stone Paper NotebooksPromotional notebooks and journals  have been around for many years. They continue to be top sellers within the promotional products industry due to their usefulness and the necessity of needing a notebook.

But with so many of your competitors giving out these useful promos, how can you make your company giveaways stand out?

You have to be different and that is what this stone paper notebook will help you do. This product has all of the qualities of a standard notebook along with several spectacular bonus features that make this a superior choice over standard notebooks.

Spiral Stone Paper Notebook Review

When I review an item, I thoroughly vet it. That means I actually use it…for a long time. I have been using these stone paper notebooks for over a year. The long time frame would suggest that I REALLY love the qualities of this notebook and that is true. These promotional notebooks have “paper” that is unlike any other writing pads I have used.


It goes without saying that writing notes is something that needs to be done on a daily basis. In order to be productive at work (and at home), I keep my to-do lists and goals for the day/week written down so I can stay focused. For the past year, I have been using this notebook (pictured) along with identical replacements once I use all of the paper. Yes, we are in a digital age, but nothing can take the place of an old fashioned list written on paper.


These 5″ x 7″ notebooks include a durable cardboard cover on the front and back with 65 pages of lined stone paper held together with a black metal spiral bounding. I often carry my notebook from home to work and back, so it tends to take a beating. Nevertheless, it stays intact with only some minor scuffs on the corners of the cover.

The paper is made out of natural stones and NOT trees. This unique way of making paper creates extremely desirable attributes such as water resistance, anti-bacterial paper (without the drugs), tear resistance, and smudge resistance.


Stone Paper Notebook Facts

“Less waste is generated in creating this paper than regular paper. Replace 1 ton of regular paper with 1 ton of stone paper and you will save 6 million BTU of energy; 20 trees; 167 lbs of solid waste; 236 lbs of atmospheric emissions and 7480 gallons of waste water.”

I love the look of this notebook because it promotes an environmentally-friendly look with the brown cardboard cover and “paper” made out of stones. The notebooks include a front page with eco-facts about the paper, including facts about how much waste is reduced through the manufacturing of stone paper vs. paper made from trees (see picture and caption)

Stone paper notebooks show your clientele that you not only promote being eco-friendly, but you live it!


With pricing under $3 (at the time this blog was published), it is priced similar to standard paper notebooks. A useful promo item for under $3 that sticks around as long as a 65-page notebook does is a phenomenal investment!


The cover of these stone paper notebooks allow for a really nice imprint area to promote your logo or message. The area is 3″ H x 3 1/2″ W, so there’s plenty of room for YOUR company branding plus additional info. Your recipients will be reminded of your business on a daily basis, giving these notebooks a very low cost per impression.

Overall, these notebooks beat standard paper notebooks by a long shot. The increased strength of the paper is an incredible benefit. Plus, if you are around water, these are excellent since the paper is waterproof and smudge proof.

Lined Stone Paper

Lined Stone Paper

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