Promotional products can be effective when they are free

Promotional Mini Footballs

Many spirit items and promotional products are effective as prizes or when sold to fans and enthusiasts of a company, team or school. However, when the price is right, giving away a product can be a useful way to raise awareness of an organization. Here are some of the best tools to accomplish this task.

Promotional pens
Sooner or later, everyone needs a pen. Why not make it a branded one that reminds the user of a businesses or sports team? Promotional pens are a form of marketing that exists in many places – a pocket, a drawer, on a desk or behind the ear of a customer.

Shot glasses
These cheap items might seem to only be useful when a person is drinking alcohol out of them, but many folks like to collect these items and put them on display. A shot glass with a team mascot or company logo is an excellent promotional product that’s great to have on hand, even if you don’t use them all the time.

Promotional mini footballs
In addition to being a great display for a logo or company name, customers enjoy having mini footballs to toss around for stress relief or while chatting on the phone. A business or group that gives away mini footballs is assured that their name and brand will be seen in a subtle but effective way.

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