Show Support This Teacher Appreciation Week With Promotional Products For Classrooms 

“I’m telling you right now if there was a teacher who said 'I need some tide' I’ll get you some tide…”

Dena Blizzard, Comedian, and mom of 3 went viral due to her hilarious “Stop Complaining about Back to School Shopping” video on YouTube. In the video, which has since garnered over 1.5 million views, she satirically explains her feelings about the ridiculous complaints other parents have voiced in supplying classrooms with basic needs such as pens, binders, paper, and yes Tide laundry detergent while shopping at Target. Not only is her video comedy gold but she also brings to light the challenges educators face in providing basic needs for their classrooms. As Blizzard and many teachers have voiced, purchasing supplies often come out of their personal wallets, and assistance from the government is nonexistent. On average, an Illinois teacher makes roughly 41k-54k a year. When you subtract taxes and personal bills it leaves little for classroom supplies. As teacher appreciation week draws closer (Monday, May 2 through Friday, May 6, 2022) it’s time to draft a lesson plan on how to show your support for these unsung heroes. Show support this teacher appreciation week with promotional products for classrooms! 

If you are a local business this presents you with the perfect opportunity to show your support for the community while promoting your brand. It’s a win-win case for everyone. Now Tide may not have the most practical use in a classroom but these 7 promotional products for classrooms are sure to earn you a gold star. 

The Promotional Product for Classrooms That Always Disappear 

“Can I borrow a pencil?”

Raise your hand if any of you have asked a teacher this question before. And how many of you have had to remove a shoe in exchange for a pencil as a deposit? Good, I’m not the only one.  As funny as that sounds it’s a bit sad that a teacher needs to ask for a shoe deposit in order to get her pencil back. This means that she has a limited amount of pencils and can’t afford to keep losing them! Rid classrooms of this shoe deposit by supplying the teacher with our Natural Wood Pencil. This promotional Product for Classrooms features: 

  • Classic natural wood finish
  • High-density rubber eraser
  • #2 graphite insert
  • Brass ferrule
  • Large dual-core with a soft center

Feature your business logo or brand artwork on the side of the Natural Wood Pencil for full advertising exposure. 

Add in the Sharpeners 

Even the dullest of the bunch can be sharpened with the right tools. Supply a handy Pencil Sharpener or two in every classroom for dual action advertisement. 

Something To Write On 

Notebooks are in the same categories as pencils. They go hand in hand in preparing a student for a productive class period. Provide students with this essential promotional product for classrooms. The Transparent Cover Spiral Notebook is a cool custom notebook that features your brand front and center. Containing 80 pieces this notebook is sure to last through the semester. And it’s unique transparent design allows students to get creative with designing the front page as a cover with your brand logo incorporated in their art. 

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Organization is Key with These Promotional Product For Classrooms 

Two tools for any successful organized student are Ring Binders and Folders. Both a relativity economical promotional product for classrooms ring binder and folders offer a place for students to store their notes/worksheets. Another dual-action advertising piece these organization duos are sure to be kept all year and perhaps into next year. When designing the cover of both the binder and folder consider incorporating the school’s mascot with your brand logo to show your team spirit support. 

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Combating Germs with These Promotional Products For Classrooms 

Facial tissues never lasted long in classrooms, especially during the flu season. Unfortunately, tissue boxes are also an expensive classroom essential. Supply classrooms with custom Tissue boxes and help prevent the spread of germs. Consider this. Tissue boxes are often placed in front of the classroom or on a teacher’s desk. This means your brand will always be placed in front of either a student or a teacher making custom tissues boxes are the perfect promotional product for classrooms. 

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Add in Sanitizer 

Antibacterial sanitizers offer a convenient and quick safeguard for any coughed or sneeze hand. Not to be substituted for handwashing but in some instances, it is more convenient to sanitizer before leaving the classroom. Further, these pocket-sized sanitizer canisters are what we like to call walking advertising.  

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“There’s a lady somewhere who wants to teach my daughter about history and she wants a yellow binder to do it? I’m going to get her a yellow binder!”

Dena Blizzard. 

As Ms. Blizzard drags her Target chart filled with luxury classroom supplies she urges to “ hug a teacher” and as Teacher Appreciation Week approaches we need to do just that. Businesses show appreciation for your local educators with these promotional products for classrooms. Contact Us Today! And don’t forget to hug a teacher!

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