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Promotional Stocking Gift Bundles for Every Type of Employee

Promotional stockings for employees

The Office Gift Stocking

Are you looking for the perfect promotional stocking gift for all employees? While it may seem farfetched to think you could find something everyone will enjoy, it’s actually quite simple to do. All you need to do is make sure that the items in the gifts are useful. 

To plan large orders and offer equality amongst employees, we recommend going for the all-appealing office gift stocking. A simple stocking with your company logo is the perfect substitute for a gift bag and ensures your logo sticks around for holidays to come. Add in a pocket planner for easy planning of the new year. A desk in a box will ensure employees have everything they need to work remotely and still spend time with family this holiday season. And finally, add in a power bank to help employees stay charged and ready to go between work, holiday gatherings, family events, and other obligations in this busy season. 

The Cozy Promotional Stocking Gift Bundle 

If your employees are in serious need of some TLC and recharging time this season, this cozy bundle is for you! Sometimes thoughtful gifts that say you notice how hard your team has been working go a long way towards motivating them and showing appreciation. 

Cozy gift bundles are easy to customize on various budgets also. For a smaller budget, go with a mini stocking. Include in it this relaxing mini aromatherapy candle. Add in a set of headphones, and personalize the gift with their favorite candy bar. Voila! Your budget-friendly cozy gift is complete. 

Looking for a bit of an upgrade without spending a fortune? Simply upgrade for more luxurious versions of similar products. Choose a larger, long-lasting candle option. Instead of standard headphones, you can opt for a set of promotional Bluetooth headphones. And instead of simply bulk ordering candies, you can get promotional chocolates to add to the stockings as well. 

The Social Promotional Stocking Gift Bundle 

Are you a company of social butterflies? Maybe your organization has lots of informal gatherings amongst employees? Provide your team everything they need for the next get-together with items in this bundle. 

Choose an affordable, non-breakable wine glass as the primary stocking stuffer. Add in a mini-cutting board to either help during dinner prep or function as a great addition to a charcuterie set up for larger get-togethers. Add in a wine or grocery gift card and your team is ready to host their next party (or take that glass with them to the next get-together)!

The Whole Family Promotional Stocking Gift

If your employees have kids and families at home, then a gift bundle that shows you are thinking of their family is a great way to stay top of mind during the holidays without worrying them with work. 

A bundle full of things that prompt a family night means you’re giving more than a gift. You’re giving an experience. Stuff a stocking with popcorn packs for movie night. Add in a gift card for a streaming service or tickets to a screening in the park, and you have set them up with the perfect family gathering! 

If you’re like me and can’t sit through a movie if you try, then go for game night gifts! I love having a good playlist on with friends, playing games around the kitchen table. A great promotional speaker is always a must & is sure to be kept for years. Add in a game or puzzle & some snacks and you’ve got the perfect gift!

No matter your crowd, there is a promotional stocking bundle for everyone! When in doubt, if your team is large enough, you can always let them choose between these bundles & decide which stocking gift they would prefer.

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