COVID-19 changed just about everything we know, including where we work. If your employees work at home with a house full of kids, we know the struggle is real. Between managing e-learning to keeping kids occupied during the summer all while they work creates a battle for everyone.

Even employees that don’t have kids have struggles working at home. They aren’t in the same productive environment working with co-workers or taking five quick steps to ask the boss a question. Now they have to use the phone or a computer for interaction and distractions that have nothing to do with the job are everywhere.

Creating their own workspace dedicated just for work helps minimize distractions and keep employees focused, but they may need a few other tools to stay on track. One of the best is earbuds. At the office, some may seem them as a distraction, but at home, they may help minimize distractions, and improve productivity.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your employees working from home, consider earbuds. Here’s why.

Helps Employees Stay Focused                       

Earbuds may not drown out all surrounding sounds, but they at least give your employee a chance of getting work done. Parents or even spouses feel less guilty paying attention to their work and not the surrounding noise when they have earbuds in and music to keep them focused.

In fact, music increases productivity for many people. In a Cloud Cover Music study, 80% of respondents said music made them more productive rather than less productive. Music helps keep employees focused on the job and less on the surrounding distractions.

Earbuds Show that you are Occupied

If your employees live with others, they likely have a lot of distractions around them. They may also struggle with how to manage those distractions and/or have uninterrupted work time. If your employees work in an open space, such as the kitchen or dining room, they may not have doors they can close that signal they are working.

Earbuds can be that universal signal. They let everyone in the house know that they are working. Whether they play music, wear earbuds with no music, or use them for phone calls, earphones lets everyone know not to interrupt.

Earbuds Make Employees Feel Empowered

It’s hard to switch from working in the office full-time to working at home full-time. Many of us thought this would be temporary, and it was okay for a while. If it’s dragging on for your employees, they may feel less empowered and more frustrated.

Gifting customized earbuds helps limit that frustration. People that work in common areas, like the kitchen or dining room may feel like they don’t have a ‘work zone’ or an area that takes them away from home life and into work life, as happened when they entered the office. 

Music Helps Improve Moods 

Getting into the mood for work takes time. Most employees have commutes that help them get in the right mindset. What happens when the commute is only a few steps from the bedroom to the office or ‘temporary office’? There’s not a lot of time to get in the right mindset. 

Earbuds help set the mood. Here’s an idea. Gift your employees earbuds you know will make them smile, whether they are in a cute case, double as another tool, or stick to their phone, and send them with a little note that tells them to take a few minutes each day, using their earbuds before they start work.

A few ideas include:

  • Listening to their favorite music for a few minutes
  • Listening to meditative music that calms them down and helps them focus
  • Listen to an audiobook on personal development
  • Listen to a personal development podcast

Encourage your employees to practice self-care, as it’s an important tool for their health, productivity, and everyone’s wellbeing during this time.

Earbuds Make Phone and Video Calls Easier

If your employees spend any time on the phone, they need earbuds for a few reasons:

  • They drown out other noises. While they aren’t noise-canceling and won’t make the house seem silent, they help your employees stay more focused and able to hear better. Because they also signal to others that they are on the phone, it’s a great way to get a quieter environment quickly.


  • They free up your employees’ hands and ears. No one likes to sit with the phone to their ear all day, especially a cellphone. Earbuds give your employees free hands, allowing them to multi-task while ensuring they don’t have a sore neck or arm from holding the phone all day.


  • Help employees hear better. Video calls are the new way to conduct meetings, but earbuds make employees stay more focused. The noises around them and the atmosphere of being at home rather than in the office is distracting and frustrating. Earbuds keep employees focused on the call, getting meetings done just as efficiently as they did in the office.

Earbuds are Great for Working Out

Everyone must make their health a priority today. Whether you worry about your risk of getting COVID-19 or you just want to improve your mental health, exercise is the key. As an employer, you can encourage your employees to take care of themselves by gifting earbuds. Yes, they are a great work-at-home tool, but if your employees aren’t taking care of their physical and mental health, they won’t be much good for your business either.

Give your employees earbuds to raise their awareness about self-care. Send notes, emails, or videos about the need to exercise or even just clear their mind. Encourage employees to use earbuds to work, but also to do some or all of the following:

  • Take 15 minute walks even throughout the workday to clear their mind and feel more productive
  • Do a 30 – 60-minute workout in the morning or at night after work to get the muscles moving
  • Take a 5-minute meditation break and listen to calming music, especially after a tough phone call or heavy workload
  • Listen to self-care audiobooks or podcasts for a few minutes at a time throughout the day

Work-at home earbuds provide your employees with a variety of benefits. While they help employees be more productive and/or have fewer distractions, they also show your employees you care. If you include tips on how they can use the earbuds in their personal lives to enhance their overall health and wellness, your employees will see it as a generous gift rather than one you ‘had to give’ to make them work harder. 

We have a large selection of earbuds, many of which do double duty, giving your employees a little fun with a work tool. If you have any questions on the types of earbuds that would work best or you need help placing an order, our professionals are ready to assist you!