Help Reduce Drunk Driving over the Holiday Season with these Branded Items

Safety First: How to Use Branded Products for Drunk Driving Prevention Over the Holidays

Someone is injured in a drunk driving accident once every two minutes.

On a regular day, 36 people in the United States die per day in a drunk driving incident. During Christmas, the number rises to 45 per day.

New Year’s is even worse, seeing around 54 people die per day over the period.

If your company is hosting a party or is involved in the community, it is important to encourage people to be safe once they leave the festivities. And, you can make it an awesome branding opportunity as well.

Drunk driving prevention starts before the holiday parties even begin. So here are some ideas to get your name out there while preventing drunk driving.

Partner with a Local MADD or SADD to Put an Ad in a Holiday Program

The holidays are chock full of performances. From your local ballet school’s production of The Nutcracker to a professional theater performing A Christmas Carol, there’s always something going on.

One way to involve your business in the community, and prevent drunk driving, is to take out an ad in one of the programs. Many community-based businesses help sponsor local arts organizations by paying a little bit of money to place an ad in the program.

To help prevent drunk driving, partner with your local MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) or SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). Design a little ad that goes with the dimensions the organization gave you.

Give a few statistics about drunk driving, and give a few tips for people to keep their holidays free of fatalities. You can also offer things like numbers for special ride shares over the holidays or taxi companies.

Sponsor a Special Rideshare Service with a Taxi Company

Some companies will provide rideshare programs on Christmas or New Year’s Eve to prevent people from driving drunk. Many of these programs are subsidized by private donors, or specific companies themselves. They can often be called like a regular taxi or Uber or Lyft, and will pick anyone up, no questions asked if they feel they cannot drive.

Sometimes, they’ll get a larger car or bus so that they can pick up several people at one time.

Sponsoring one of these programs with a local taxi company is a great way for your business to get its name out there.

You can even take out ads in local papers to show off what your company is doing for the community.

Create business cards with your company’s name and the taxi company’s contact details. Pass them out around town or give them to local bars to have on their counter for when the night winds down.

People can grab a card and then dial the number. They’ll likely also keep the card somewhere on them, and might recognize your business as doing them a solid favor that night.

Create Drink Koozies with a Cab Number On It

Drink Koozies are little sleeves for your drink. They protect your hands so that they don’t get too cold or too hot when holding your beverage.

Many people provide Koozies at parties, and you can provide them for local parties around town.

Beef up your presence and your branding by printing your company’s name and a taxi company on the Koozie itself.

You might even want to include a drunk driving statistic to make people more aware of what could occur if they don’t call the number and try to drive home.

Also helpful would be letting party-goers know the limit for their sex or weight. This way, people can keep it in mind as they have fun that evening, and try not to overindulge.

Print a Taxi Number and Your Business Information on Disposable Party Cups

Disposable cups are often used during the holiday season to avoid having to clean up an awful mess.

Using the same logic as with the Koozie, provide cups with taxi cab numbers and other useful information for your own party or gift them to someone else who is having a party.

If you do decide to gift them, make sure that you provide information about your company, such as your website or your phone number as well as your logo. This will give people an idea of how awesome your company is that they donated all of these cups and are looking out for their safety.

Create a Temporary Billboard

Billboards can be expensive, but you can have one up temporarily, and make sure everyone driving knows how much you care about the community.

Create a billboard that features your company and gives statistics about holiday drunk driving. Or, partner with a cab company to give them the number of who to call if they need a sober ride.

Ensure that your company’s name and logo is visible, and of course, end it with wishing the community a happy holiday.

Give Out Magnets at Your Work Event or Around the Community

Everyone keeps magnets on their fridge. Even other businesses likely have a few on their fridge where their co-workers store their lunches.

Print a few different types of magnets with some information about drunk driving. Include a few statistics as well as a number to call if someone needs a cab.

Handing out magnets like this may not be the most effective for larger corporate parties, but they can work well for private parties in people’s homes.

People most often have parties at home where uncontrollable drinking occurs, as they feel they can let loose. Sometimes, this can lead to people thinking they’re okay to drive home since they feel comfortable with their friends. But many times, they are in danger.

Someone having a magnet on their fridge or other magnetic surfaces in the house could end up saving a life.

And it also gets the word out about your business, especially if it states that you sponsor or support drunk driving awareness.

Help Sponsor or Volunteer at a Sobriety Checkpoint

If people know there are sobriety checkpoints set up in your community, they’ll be less likely to drive after they’ve had a drink in them. Many people decide to drive drunk precisely because they think they can get away with it.

But checkpoints help solve that problem by letting people know ahead of time that the police will be out in full force and that they’re going to arrest people who are driving drunk.

If you help sponsor a checkpoint, make sure that your company’s signage is clear next to the checkpoint so that the community knows you were involved.

You can also advertise the checkpoint to prevent people from drinking in your local newspapers or on local television stations. Make sure your company’s name and logo are visible.

Make Gift Baskets for Local Auctions and Put Your Company’s Information in Them

If a great cause in your community is having a local auction or silent auction, gifting a basket is a great way to make sure your name is known in the community.

You can create an awesome little gift basket full of your best products to fit the theme of the auction or the evening.

As you likely already know there will be alcohol and spirits there, create little fliers or other branded products to place in the basket. The branded product should have information about local cab companies and/or drunk driving statistics.

This way, the winner of the basket will associate your brand with one that cares about the community, and one that also wants drunk driving kept to a minimum.

Host an Alternative New Year’s Party

If your company has enough space, host an alternative New Year’s party for kids or young people. If not, partner together with another venue that has a lot of space to do so. Sometimes churches and other religious organizations are keen to have these kinds of events for young adults.

You can create a really fun evening with games and live bands as well as food and drink. Of course, the evening will feature zero alcohol, which makes it even more appealing in terms of keeping drunk driving down.

At the event, give out stickers with your company’s name on it or make sure all of the cups used are branded with your company’s logo.

This helps cut down on drunk driving and gives your company a huge boost as well.

Create Tote Bags to Give Away

Everyone loves a free tote bag. And if you’re going to be at an event near the holiday season, create a Christmassy tote-bag to give away to attendees.

Together with others in your office, you can design a really fun and festive bag to give away to other local offices as well as members of the public.

In addition to your company’s branding, don’t forget to include a local cab company and other statistics about drunk driving. This is a great way to keep people staying festive while also ensuring that they’re having a safe holiday.

Give Away Items at Your Local University Before Break

While many university students come from out of town, you’ll still have a fair share who either stay over the holidays or are local.

A great way to promote your business is to ask the local university if you can hand out fliers or posters with your business information on it as well as drunk driving statistics. You should also include local taxi company numbers as well as any rideshare programs your city is running.

If your company is helping run a rideshare program on the holidays, this is even more perfect, and a great captive audience.

Prevent Drunk Driving By Partnering with a Local University to Create an On-Campus Event

According to a 2014 study, 25% of American university students age 20-24 have driven after having had too much to drink. This is why this age is one of the best for you to target, as they are often the most vulnerable, especially around the holidays.

Keep your eyes and ears open for events that happen around campus centered around reducing drunk driving or bringing awareness to it. If someone in your office is a university student or is close to the university, they may be able to tell you about events going on.

Speak to local sororities and fraternities about events they have coming up and offer to co-host an event about drunk driving over the holidays. Or, do so with other university clubs.

At the event, be sure to give away branded items, such as pens or notebooks that university students can use. These items should also feature a couple of drunk driving statistics, as well as information on who to call if they feel unsafe getting in the car with someone or don’t want to drive themselves.

Create Posters with Drunk Driving Statistics and Phone Numbers

Cutting down on drunk driving during the holidays is essential for the entire community. Therefore, creating posters to give away to local businesses is a great way to both boost your business and bring awareness to a great cause.

Design a really cool poster with your team, and then give them out to local businesses and ask them to hang in their windows. Make sure to include statistics about drunk driving, phone numbers to call and signs to watch out for to know if someone has had too much to drink.

Include your company’s logo somewhere on the poster so they know you helped create the initiative.

Drunk Driving Prevention During the Holidays

Drunk driving isn’t just an issue during the holidays. Drunk driving prevention is important all year round, especially during the summer months. For young people, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day can be some of the deadliest due to the time they have off from school.

Help your community stay alert and aware with branded products. Visit us here for some more selections and to help you get more ideas about branded products for your community!

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