Score Big With 5 Team Spirit Promotional Products

Score Big With 5 Team Spirit Promotional Products

Sports fans are one of the most advantageous consumer groups in the market. This group of consumers is highly involved in their favorite sports teams, including the players. We all have at least one person in our social circle that is all about sports and knows the latest news regarding player trades, team rankings, coach/manager controversy, etc. These fans influence the experience of sports- they are not passive spectators but an active part of it; fans communicate emotional energy, support, and distraction whenever they can (Stewart, Smith & Nicholson, 2003; Johnston, 2004). This emotional attachment skews how sports fans view their purchases; hence, making them one of the most profitable consumer groups. A loyal fan views their expenditures as supporting the team, not just merely paying money in exchange for goods or services. This presents an opportunity for businesses to launch into this consumer group, especially if your company is still growing. So, when the next tailgate, game, or watch party occurs in your area, consider setting up a pop-up booth or partnering with the event organizers to prompt your business. And how do you attract these fans? Simple. Free team spirit promotional products and Perfect Imprints has you covered. Here are 5 team spirit promotional products that can score major points with these super fans. 

Crowd Essential Noise Makers

What’s a game without beer, stadium hot dogs, and that roaring energy from the stands? Amplify this energy with Perfect Imprints Ring-A-Ling cowbell. Coming in red or white, this cowbell is fully customizable with three print locations. Fans can ring in the home team, all while spreading business exposure. Further, the good thing about a cowbell is that fans are likely to keep it for the next game. Thanks to these super fans, your business is not only advertised during one game but every game after. 

Light Ups

Aluminate the stadium with Perfect Imprints Light up bam bams noisemakers. These light-up bam bams put a new spin on the classic with led bulbs. All the light-up noisemakers start off as a white material and are printed with any color of your choice. Pair it with PI Glow in the Dark megaphone to maximize your business advertising. These light-up and glow-in-the-dark promotional products are unique and eye-catching. It’s a step up from the standard noisemakers that other businesses hand out. 

Tote Bags 

Tote bags have become extremely popular due to their multifunctionality. Additionally, it is a large product to advertise on. Perfect Imprints has an array of tote bags, like our Cotton Canvas tote bag. Simple yet durable, the cotton tote bag is an inexpensive product that fans can use on a daily basis. Consider, a fan is handed one of your screen-printed company tote bags at a game. This fan will find a function for this product and your company logo becomes a walking advertisement. 

Stress Balls

This is a no-brainer. Stress balls are a classic inexpensive team spirit promotional product. Stress balls are products consumers typically keep in their dorm room, office, cars, etc. The real magic to these products is when people use them, they tend to look at them. This means consumers are absorbing your company’s advertisement repeatedly. Perfect Imprints has a wide selection of stress balls ranging from football stress reliever to volleyball squeezies

Sports Pennant

What better way to represent team spirit than a sports pennant? This is an essential product for any fan because it allows them to show support anywhere. Whether it be at the office, dorm rooms, or a fan’s mancave, a sports pennant is a badge. Perfect Imprints features a colorful sports pennant sure to be eye-catching and stunning.

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