7 Steps to Making Custom Foam Fingers

See How Custom Foam Fingers are Made

You can’t go to a big game without seeing foam fingers being waived by passionate fans cheering on their favorite team. These beloved oversized #1 foam fingers help promote more cheering and screaming by fans. But you’re not limited to just the #1 foam finger; there are many more hand shapes from which to choose. You can see them all here.

You see foam fingers everywhere. They are so iconic now, foam fingers are used in advertisements because they are so effective.

But, have you ever stopped and wondered how foam fingers are made?

While the process may seem simple, there’s really a lot more to it than you might think. Multiple machines are needed to produce these popular #1 foam fingers and other popular foam hand shapes.

Recently, our CEO, Patrick Black, had the opportunity to visit the factory of our preferred manufacturer of foam fingers. While there, he was able to see the process first hand and even get a few video clips of the process.

Here’s the short video showing the 7 Steps to Making Foam Fingers

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