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Shaping Up: 14 Cool Fitness Giveaway Products Anyone Will Love

Let’s be honest: most Americans don’t live a health-conscious life. Most of us eat too many sweet treats and trade exercise time for TV or laying around the couch.

With that in mind, though, now is the time to plan ahead for your fitness giveaways and promotions. The beginning of the year is often that time your customers’ mindsets will be in a different place. Suddenly their focus will be on shedding that “holiday bulk” and starting the new year on a healthier foot. But this mentality shouldn’t be only a New Year’s resolution that only lasts a week or two.

Whether your clientele is fitness-focused year-round or is more of the New Year’s Resolution only types, fitness giveaway products can have a widespread appeal all year round. Check out these ideas for branded products that will help your customers meet their fitness goals (with you in mind).

Promotional Fitness Giveaway Items That’ll Score Points With Your Customers

Finding the perfect promotional products to give away is all about understanding your customers. The more they use your product, the more often they’ll get a reminder about your business. In many cases, they’ll use your products in public which spreads even more awareness.

If you want to appeal to the 45% of Americans who make fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions, check out these great ideas for branded fitness products.

1. Cooling Towels

For people who go to shared gyms, a great towel is an etiquette essential so they can wipe down their equipment. Even for those who don’t, a fitness towel is a must for wiping away sweat so they can finish their workout strong.

Instead of giving out the traditional gym towel, though, take it a step further with cooling towels. Cooling towels are manufactured to be around 20 degrees cooler than the air, making them the most refreshing way to get rid of sweat mid-workout.

Want to branch out even more? This same technology is available in cooling headbands, cooling collars, and other similar items. The best part is that fitness buffs of any kind can use them: runners, lifters, yogis, you name it.

2. Resistance Bands

As far as weight training goes, resistance bands are the answer to common problems. Everyone wants to be toned, but traditional weights aren’t exactly easy commodities to own. Between the storage space and the hassle of transporting them home in the first place, it’s enough to make anyone throw in the towel.

Instead, more and more people are choosing resistance bands for their compact space and versatile uses. You can hop onto the bandwagon by giving away branded fitness bands your customers will be excited to try.

Keep in mind that there are several types of resistance bands. Traditional, noodle-like bands are more economical and more versatile. Bands with handles, on the other hand, are more comfortable to use. Consider asking around to some people in your target audience to see which they’d prefer.

3. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes aren’t the middle school hobby tools you thought they were back in your gym class days. In fact, they can be powerful and fun fitness accessories your customers will love.

As with so many items on this list, you have plenty of choices when it comes to branded jump ropes. The trusty traditional jump rope is always a safe choice.

If you want to get more adventurous, though, try a digital jump rope. Some of these look like traditional jump ropes, but they have step counters or calorie counters in them.

Others are cordless digital jump ropes. They track your workout statistics, but they also track your motions without an actual rope. This makes them perfect for those with minimal workout space.

If you’re catering to a crowd that’s already athletic, you can also step it up with a weighted jump rope. These ropes have weights in the handle to add more difficulty to the workout.

4. Pedometers or Fitness Trackers

Thanks to the good old rule of 10,000 steps per day, people everywhere are step-obsessed. Why not use this to your advantage by giving away pedometers with your logo on them?

There are a few different ways to go about this. One option is with a traditional pedometer, which often clips onto your customer’s clothing. These are economical, but if you really want to impress a customer, consider springing for a wearable fitness tracker.

These fitness trackers often count steps as well as other fitness statistics. They can be pricey, but they offer great value to your customers.

5. Fitness Apparel

When it comes to getting motivated to exercise or to making your workout comfortable, never underestimate the value of great new workout apparel.

Someone who’s fitness-minded can go through workout clothes in a hurry. That’s great news for you because it means that workout clothes are always welcomed gifts.

The largest challenge with apparel of any kind is having a variety of sizes. You can’t predict all your customers’ sizes unless you’re ordering for a specific group, so it’s hard to know what quantities to buy.

If you want to get rid of that obstacle, consider a non-sized apparel item. For instance, go for ear warmers for runners and other outdoor fitness enthusiasts in the winter.

6. Yoga Accessories

It seems like yoga gets popular with more and more people with each passing day. Practicers don’t just use it to tone their bodies. They also use yoga to enhance balance and flexibility, reduce stress and blood pressure, and ward off aches and pains.

To help your customers either get into yoga or to enhance their yoga experiences, a branded yoga mat is the way to go. If you expect that your clientele will already have mats they love, you could offer other yoga accessories like yoga blocks instead.

As an added bonus, try including a guide with some beginners’ yoga positions for your customers to try. It’s a great way to help them expand their fitness repertoire.

7. Gym Bag

Let’s say you want to capitalize on the fitness push in January and February but don’t want to exclude people who aren’t hitting the gym. In this case, a gym bag can be the perfect choice.

Every fitness buff knows the importance of a great gym bag to carry around their workout gear. It can make it possible to fit a workout into any schedule as well. Why? Your customers can take their gear to work so they can hit the gym afterward.

For those who don’t work out, though, there’s always a use for another great bag. They can use it for family outings when the weather warms up or for toting around to just about anything their hearts desire.

8. Water Bottle

Just as real estate agents say “location, location, location,” fitness trainers say “hydration, hydration, hydration.” No matter what a person’s fitness level is, drinking plenty of water is an important habit for their health.

You can help your customers get on board with promotional water bottles. There are plenty of varieties, but the slimmer types tend to be the ones the fitness-minded crowd prefers.

You’ll notice that some water bottles have more specific uses. For instance, some are designed as bike water bottles so they fit into bottle holders on bicycles. This can be a great choice because it appeals to cyclists, but non-cyclists can get great use from it too.

9. Measuring Tape

Promotional fitness products don’t just have to help your customers get in shape. They can also focus on helping them recognize their results.

Measuring tape is a great way to help your customers recognize their progress. They tend to appeal most to people who are trying to either lose weight or bulk up, like bodybuilders. If your clientele could fall into either of those two categories, branded measuring tape could be the way to go.

Of course, make sure you look for “measuring tape” rather than a “tape measure.” You want a plain, flexible measuring tape without a plastic or metal housing so it’s flexible enough for body measurements.

10. Smart Scale

Speaking of helping your customers see their results, have you thought about promotional smart scales?

A smart scale can measure a variety of health statistics. In addition to weight, some can measure body fat, body mass index or BMI, water weight, and much more. They typically have accompanying apps the user can download so their results go right to their phones for easy tracking.

Keep in mind that, as impressive of a gift as these scales are, they do cost more than most other promotional products. They’re best reserved for qualified leads and people whose heads you really want to turn.

11. Day Planners

One of the most common challenges for people who want to get more fit is finding time in their schedules to work out. It’s a big reason why 80% of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of exercise they need. Why not help them out?

A day planner is a great way to help your customers fit exercise into their schedules. You can also give them a guide to creating a workout plan and scheduling their leg days, arm days, and more.

As we mentioned above, you might want to give a fitness-themed promotional product without excluding people who aren’t fitness-minded. Like a gym bag, a day planner is a great way to appeal to everyone and anyone.

12. Frisbees or Balls

Most of the products above focus on individual fitness and people who go to the gym. Have you thought about promoting exercise in the form of team sports instead?

Frisbees, basketballs, footballs, and more are fantastic ways to promote the more fun side of getting in shape. Who knows? You could even inspire a neighborhood pick-up game or some athletic family time.

When you’re choosing what to give away, consider what’s popular in your area and what’s accessible at the time. For instance, if you live in an area that’s snow-covered until April, a basketball would be a better choice than a frisbee.

13. Golf Balls or Golf Accessories

Golf is one of those sports that people underestimate when it comes to fitness. It might not push your cardio skills to their limits, but walking around a course for 18 holes can give you a healthy log of steps.

On top of the steps, a great golf swing takes toning and muscle control. The more you practice, the more you’ll tone your muscles along the way.

To spark your customers’ golf passions, try giving away branded golf accessories. There’s no such thing as too many golf balls, so they’re always a welcomed gift. You could also opt for ball markers, tees, towels, or other accessories.

14. Swim Goggles

One group that always tends to get forgotten when it comes to fitness is swimmers. If you have a number of swimmers in your target audience, you can help them feel included with branded swim goggles.

Your goggles have the added benefit of appealing to more than just avid swimmers. Novices and even people who swim for fun on occasion can make great use of them, which adds up to more exposure for your company.

15. Wireless Earbuds or Headphones

Sometimes the most desired fitness accessories are the ones that you don’t think of as fitness accessories at all. Case in point: wireless headphones.

A great playlist makes any workout more pleasant, whether the person’s at the gym or going for a run. To make sure your customers get the workout jams they want without getting tangled in cords, wireless earbuds are a fantastic giveaway.

As with most electronics, wireless earbuds and wireless headphones come in a wide array of quality levels. Just keep this in mind: the longer your branded earbuds last, the more exposure you’ll get from them.

Promoting Fitness AND Your Company

Everyone knows how important exercise and fitness is to a long and healthy life. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. That’s why so many people make fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions year after year.

As a business owner, you can put that knowledge to good use. With branded fitness giveaway items, you can help your customers enhance their lives while also spreading the word about your company. The ideas above can help you get started.

For more great ideas for promotional items that help your customers get fit, check out our fitness promotional items.

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