Should Your Blog Be Part of Your Primary Website Domain or Separate?

Should your blog be on your website or on a separate one?

So, you want to finally start that blog. Great for you!

One of the many questions that has to be answered is, “Should your blog be on your primary website domain, subdomain, or separate domain?”

Well, based on my personal experience from managing an ecommerce website in the promotional products and marketing industry since 1999, the short answer is to have your blog on your primary domain. This answer is assuming that you are a business and you want your business website to get more online exposure.

That means your url structure would be similar to www.yourcompanydomain/blog.

If you use a subdomain, such as, it is actually seen by Google as a separate domain.

Rationale Behind Keeping Your Blog on Your Main Domain

If you want to establish your website as an authority on a particular subject matter, creating relevant and useful content is a must. That’s where the blog comes in. The more often you educate site visitors about your products and services, the more they will trust you.

Build trust and you will generate new customers.

Now, just because I recommend that your blog be on your main domain, that doesn’t mean a separate blog domain won’t work. As a matter of fact, it works for many companies and individuals. Those companies that make it work have dedicated content writers to churn out loads of articles for both their primary company website AND their separate blog website. However, most businesses don’t have these kind of resources and a single domain for both company website and blog makes more sense.

How to Add a Blog to Your Domain

Well, this is not always an easy answer. It depends on your current website platform and structure. You may need a developer to get involved. Sometimes re-platforming is the best option. You can create a new website design with built-in blog capabilities for easy publishing.

One of the most popular and most user-friendly blog platforms is WordPress. A great trait of WordPress is that is it completely customizable, so you can use this as your primary website and your blog. This platform makes updating your website easy, even for novice users. I do recommend a professional web designer for the initial design and layout. I also recommend that you host with a professional web designer as opposed to using WordPress hosting or other cheap web hosting companies.

In Summary…

Frequent and relevant blog articles published on your primary company domain can help establish your website as a top authority on your subject matter. Using a proven and easy-to-use blogging platform, such as WordPress, can help your create you online authority and grow your business. Happy blogging!

Patrick BlackAbout the Author
Patrick Black has been living in the ecommerce sales world in the promotional products industry since 1999. He has worked with many clients to help improve their online presence through natural, organic methods. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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