Spirit items can work well for businesses as well as sports teams

The passion that spirit items are intended to stir up inside basketball, baseball and football fans is a powerful tool that unites sports enthusiasts and intimidates visiting teams. This is all done in the name of adding to the fun of the game, but such powerful emotions can also be harnessed by businesses. The only difference is that fans are customers in this case, and the action is based on quality service and savings rather than athletics.

Some spirit items, such as thundersticks and other noisemakers, will be less effective when raising awareness of a company instead of a school or team. However, other souvenirs can be reconfigured as useful promotional products.

Foam hands take the pride and vigor of a sports fan and transfer it to a customer who feels strongly about a brand, product or service.

Mini footballs also work well for businesses. Just because they bear the name of a private organization doesn’t mean that they have to be affiliated with a football team. These items can be placed around the house or in an office and will always offer a welcome respite from any monotony by offering a short game of catch to whoever is nearby.

Even stadium seat cushions are useful for informing the public about non-sports-related topics. While they can only be used at a sporting event, they’ll be seen by all the other fans. Stadium seat cushions branded with businesses’ names stand out from the other sports-themed cushions and help companies spread the word about their products and services.

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