Marketing Advantages and Tips for Sponsoring a Basketball Tournament

Why Sponsor a Basketball Tournament

Looking for a way to generate new leads and get involved with the community?

Whether you are targeting a new market segment or growing market share in your existing segment, getting involved in local events is a great way to raise brand awareness.

Not only will this event be beneficial for generating leads, but sponsoring events can also build goodwill with existing customers.

Make sure you are staying connected with your customers this spring by sponsoring a tournament or giving away basketball themed promo items at your next event.

Debunking the Myth

Sponsoring a tournament- Is it out of your price point?

While many tournaments in total cost thousands of dollars, even at the high school JV level, you don’t have to spend thousands.

The great aspects of tournaments is that they bring together whole communities, so other businesses in the community may come together to pitch in. If you are only able to put some of the needed items in, other businesses will be happy to provide those other items.

So you may only have a limited budget, and that is okay. These events can cost as little as you want for them to.

Basketballs, of course!

While promotional basketballs may sound like an obvious item, branded basketballs can come in handy not just on the court, but after the games end. Think about how frequently local tournaments bring in a celebrity to sign autographs. What if these signed items were autograph autograph basketballs with your company’s logo? These would stand the test of time, forever advertising for your business on the shelf in someone’s home.

T-Shirts – Because the crowd has to get up and catch something

Every basketball tournament means cheerleaders are getting ready to pump up the crowd. Your crowd may be hard to get on their feet when your team is down and needs the support the most! Make sure they are up, cheering, ready to go with a T-shirt Toss! These shirts are going to get the crowd excited for your basketball tournament! When branded with your logo, these shirts will show up all over town for years to come. Branding a t-shirt can be the most effective way to reach a local audience, since people keep promotional shirts for longer than 1 year.

Stadium Cups for the concession stand

Everyone knows the biggest challenge of going to a sporting event- do you get concessions before, at, or just after halftime? Maybe you don’t want to be in line for any of the game so you get your snacks before the game starts! No matter when you get your drink, you’re likely to pay $1 more for a stadium cup– especially if it is a $2 increase for free refills. These cups can add to money raised at the tournament and they are sure to make it home with the customers at the game. They will add to the longevity of your marketing plan.

Table Covers for the Ticket Booth

The ticket booth- it’s the first and last thing people see as they go to a game. Make sure as they enter and exit, they see your logo. These table covers are also beneficial because they are useful for events in the future. A branded tablecloth can last your marketing team years!

Buttons for the fans

There’s nothing a parent loves more than supporting their basketball player! And they want to show their support- very publicly! So make sure that on those “We’re #1!” buttons also have your logo on them. Buttons are known as a walking billboard, since that button will likely be worn to dinner or

A trophy for the winner

There is no feeling quite like holding the trophy you worked so hard to earn. Wouldn’t it be nice to forever be remembered as the person who provided your clients with that trophy? Maybe you’re looking to sponsor the awards for the MVP and Most-Improved. Those plaques too will forever remain on the walls of these customer’s homes.

Mini basketballs to give to the kids

While these may not be the full-size game balls, they are certainly fun for the younger ages! Keep the little ones happy and entertained, while also making sure your brand makes it home with the family. Stay on their minds for weeks of playtime with these minibasketballs. 

Stadium cushions for those important guests

Back pain should never stop your fans from coming to the big game- so make sure that it doesn’t with stadium seats! These cushions are sure to keep your clients comfy and thanking you the whole tournament through. These are also items good for years to come, so they keep promoting your brand long after the big win.

Thundersticks for the fans

A noisy crowd is the key to a winning atmosphere- and any player will tell you so! Thundersticks help the crowd make more noise, with the same energy as simply clapping their hands! These inflatable items make the perfect promotional product. Give these away at the event to get your logo noticed. Or, sell them at the event as a fundraiser for your organization.

Custom Sherpa Blankets

Foam Fingers for that celebratory moment

The classic foam finger is a staple at any sports event! Give these out during the tournament, and they are sure to be kept for years to come. These foam fingers are keepsakes, and because people hold onto them, they continue to market for you for years to come. Every time someone looks at the foam finger, they develop recognition of your brand.

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