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Spruce Up Your Brand Image With Custom Flip Flops: Here’s How

Behind closed doors, your company might be all business. But if your company comes across as being too serious, it could potentially scare customers and clients away.

There is a simple solution to this problem. You can spruce up your brand image and let people know that your company knows how to have fun by investing in custom flip flops with your business name and logo on them.

At first, customized flip flops might not seem like a logical choice for brands that want people to take them seriously. But you’ll find that flip flops will get a great response from people and force them to rethink their initial impression of your company.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can use custom flip flops to your advantage once you’ve personalized them for your business. Check out some of the best ways to utilize customized flip flops below.

Hand Them out at Stuffy Business Conferences

There are more than 250 convention centers scattered across the U.S. right now. And on any given day, you can find a business conference taking place inside of just about all of them.

Most of the businesses that set up booths and stands at these business conferences create customized promotional products to give out to guests. From custom pens to custom calendars, you’ll find all sorts of useful promo products at these conferences.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving out these kinds of personalized products to customers and clients. But if you really want to make your company stand out, it’s a good idea to think outside the box and give out something no one else would think to try.

How about something like The Riveria custom flip flops?

You can put your business name on both the insoles of the flip flops and on the rubber straps. This will ensure that people won’t forget who gave them flip flops at the conference.

Even better yet, you’ll find that many people who pick up a pair of flip flops from you will start using them pretty much right away. If they’re staying at a hotel in town for the conference, they’ll wear the flip flops in their hotel room and at the hotel pool when they make their way down to it.

It won’t be long before you’re seeing your brand name and logo walking all over the place at the business conference. It’ll be a total success for your company.

Bring Them Along to Bridal Shows

Does your company offer products and/or services that are aimed at those preparing for weddings? If so, it might not be a bad idea for your business to set up shop at bridal shows in your area with personalized flip flops in tow.

Flip flops have become a huge hit among lots of brides who don’t want to get stuck wearing heels throughout the course of their entire wedding day. You can capitalize on this by handing out customized flip flops with your business information on them at bridal shows.

There are more than 2 million couples who get married every year. This means you could potentially market your company to a huge group of people by creating flip flops that are geared towards crowds that gather at bridal shows.

Go Guerrilla with Them at the Beach

Is there anything worse than burning your feet on the hot sand when you run across it in the middle of a summer day? It can be enough to make you swear off the beach forever!

But every year, there are lots of people who do it simply because they forget to bring a pair of flip flops with them. They have no choice but to scurry across the hot sand and try to limit the burns that they suffer on the soles of their feet.

If you have a company that sells a product or service that might appeal to beachgoers, think about launching a guerrilla marketing campaign at the beach in your area. Set up stands near the entrance to the beach and give away custom flip flops to anyone who forgot their flip flops at home.

People will appreciate you helping them avoid stepping on the hot sand with bare feet. They’ll also likely continue to use your flip flops well into the future when they come back to the beach.

Mail Them to Clients at the Start of Summer

Christmastime is great. So is the beginning of the fall.

But you could argue that the most anticipated time of the entire year is the start of the summer season. And you can take advantage of it by forcing your clients to associate your business with the start of summer from now on.

How can you do it? It’s as simple as picking out the right personalized flip flops and mailing them to your clients just as summer is about to get underway. In a perfect world, they should arrive a few days before Memorial Day along with some kind of note that lets clients know you hope they have a great summer.

From that day forward, your clients will think about all the buzz surrounding the start of summer when they think about your company. They’ll also be reminded of the gift you sent their way every time they wear their flip flops over the course of the summer.

Canvas Large Concerts with Them

Did you know that there are approximately 32 million people who attend at least one music festival in the U.S. every year? That means that there are more people going to music festivals on an annual basis than people living in the entire state of Texas (about 29 million, for the record)!

If you want to spread the word about your brand quickly, trying to do it at a music festival is one great way to go about it. You can create a bunch of custom flip flops and canvas concerts with them to make sure the right people get them into their hands and onto their feet.

In a perfect world, you would only hand them out to those who put them on right away and wear them around inside the concert for all to see. You would also pass out other cool promo products that would work well at an outdoor concert, including things like custom beach towelspromotional sunglasses, and even custom sunscreen.

Let People Win Them at Water Parks

If you’ve ever walked around inside of a water park, you’ve probably noticed that there are a whole lot of people who go barefoot. More often than not, this is because they either forgot water shoes or flip flops at home or just didn’t want to carry them along.

The problem with this is that people can sustain all kinds of injuries when they walk around in a water park without shoes on. They can stub their toes, step on bees, and more.

Help alleviate this problem by offering to let people win a pair of personalized flip flops from your company before they start playing around on the water slides at water parks. Put together a booth outside and give them the chance to walk away with free flip flops if they’re able to complete some kind of task.

By doing this, you’ll make people associate your brand with winning. You’ll also look on as people walk and run around inside the water park with your business name and logo on their feet.

Hang Them in Hotel Rooms

Do you own a company that operates in the hospitality industry? Whether you provide transportation to those visiting cities or have a chain of hotels, you can benefit from custom flip flops in a big way.

Most people bring quite a few things along with them when they stay in a hotel. But a lot of times, people don’t remember to bring a pair of flip flops. And it’s nice to have flip flops when you’re wandering around a hotel property.

Work out a deal that allows you to get customized flip flops with your business name and logo on them into hotel rooms. People will be more than happy to put them on their feet when they arrive and will be pleased with your company’s decision to set them up with such a thoughtful gift.

Put Them out at Community Pools

Most community pools don’t have a whole lot going on as far as decor is concerned. They’re pretty straightforward, and outside of a few signs with rules on them, there isn’t usually much hanging up in the pool areas.

Community pools are actually a perfect place to promote your business, though. They attract a lot of people during the summertime, and since there isn’t much competition as far as marketing goes, you can get plenty of eyes on your business if you’re creative when you attempt to do it.

One simple way to steal some attention for your company at a community pool is by putting out a bunch of custom flip flops in all different sizes. Whether you own a local restaurant, a golf course, or a hoagie shop, you can drum up interest in your business with your flip flops.

People will want to get their hands on the flip flops, too. They’ll protect their feet from the hot sidewalks and give them something to walk around in when they’re by the pool. It will be a win all around for your small business.

Pass Them out at Picnics

Picnics are yet another fun summer activity that you can take advantage of if you’re a business owner looking to promote your brand. There are large community picnics held in most major cities and towns on a pretty regular basis in the summertime.

During these picnics, show up with a basket full of your personalized flip flops and hand them out to anyone who doesn’t have shoes on. This is an effective way to promote things like auto insurance companies, car dealerships, and so much more.

Young people, in particular, will enjoy walking around in a pair of flip flops at a picnic and will welcome the opportunity to do it. As long as you hit the right picnics and find the ones with plenty of people at them, you shouldn’t have any trouble promoting the heck out of your brand during them.

Sell Them in Your Retail Store or Restaurant

There are some promotional products that the average person probably wouldn’t pay for. For example, they might not shell out money for, say, a custom clipboard if you sold it in your store.

But there are other promotional products that people will gladly pay for if you put them up for sale in your retail store or restaurant. Custom flip flops are one of those items and will usually sell out quickly if you decide to sell them.

There are hundreds of millions of flip flops sold in the U.S. every single year. Americans clearly just can’t get enough of them and all that they have to offer. From plain black flip flops to more colorful ones, people love them all.

They’ll like the customized flip flops that your company creates, especially if you put a lot of time into designing them so that they’re just right. Your customized flip flops will generate some profits for your business while also working to promote your brand when people wear them around.

Order Custom Flip Flops Today

As you can see, there are so many different ways that you can use custom flip flops to your advantage. No matter how big or small your business might be, you can reap the rewards of creating customized flip flops by passing them out in the right places.

Before long, you’ll see people out and about with your flip flops on. You’ll also start to notice a change in the way people perceive your company.

Contact us today if you would like to place an order for customized flip flops for your company.

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