Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Promotional Water Bottles

According to the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering and Medicine, men should drink around 3.7 liters of water a day and women 2.7 liters. That’s a lot of water! If you want to encourage your employees, clients, and potential clients to drink more water, why not make it easier for them with customized water bottles?

We offer a large selection of water bottles in various sizes and styles that suit many different types of people and hobbies. Check out our large selection and see what may benefit your employees, clients, or potential clients. Water bottles are a fun gift or giveaway!

Make Drinking Water Fun

It’s so easy to lose track of how much water you did or didn’t drink throughout the day when you aren’t using a reusable water bottle. Whether you get caught up in your busy day and forget to grab water or you just lose track of how much you drank, it’s not conducive to good health.

Gifting your employees, clients, or potential clients customized water bottles makes it much easier to remember to drink water whether at home or on the go. We offer a large variety of water bottles to suit every need whether you are on a budget, have specific uses for the water bottles, or just have a specific preference.

Aluminum Bottles

Aluminum bottles provide you with a variety of benefits. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than using plastic bottles all of the time, but aluminum bottles keep your water cooler longer by protecting it from the light, letting the water’s temperature stay more stable.

Aluminum bottles are also great for people on-the-go that worry about wear and tear or dropping the bottles. They are shock-resistant and easy to carry making it a great gift for anyone as they don’t create the burden of carrying bulky or heavy water bottles everywhere. Aluminum bottles work well with any logo, color, and design, really making your marketing efforts stand out.

Budget-Friendly Bottles

Are you looking for an affordable way to promote your business or reward your employees? Maybe you want to encourage more drinking water at home to keep up their immune system. Our budget-friendly water bottles provide plenty of options as they are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors all at affordable prices.

Don’t worry, you aren’t sacrificing function or style with our long list of budget-friendly water bottles. They are just as useful and attractive as the bottles in our other categories and are great for those with exceptionally large orders.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are becoming more popular today for a variety of reasons. They are more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles as glass is 100% recyclable whereas plastic isn’t. Glass also doesn’t give off any contaminants or chemicals. Finally, glass water bottles clean easily, even at high temperatures, ensuring that you fully disinfect the bottles. We offer glass water bottles in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from 18 ounces to ½ liter.

Bike Bottles

Give your active employees and clients the gift of bike water bottles. Lightweight and easy to transport, these bottles make it easy to take water on-the-go.  We have a large variety of types of bike bottles including food-grade plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, and aluminum bottles, all with simple ways to attach them to your bike or person for easy carrying.

Sports Bottles

What better way to advertise your business than with sports bottles for your favorite local sports teams? They also make great gifts for employees as they try to stay active during this trying time. Everyone participates in some type of exercise or activity, making sports bottles of all sizes a great gift. It encourages everyone to drink more water and maybe even makes it fun with different styles, including bottles with ice infusers, flip-top lids, and straws.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

Who doesn’t love a water bottle that keeps their water cold all day long? Think of the Yeti tumblers and that’s what you get, but for water. Stainless steel bottles are a great way to entice your employees to drink more water when it is the exact temperature they love. Our vacuum insulated water bottles have double insulation that keeps your drinks cold as long as 24 hours. We offer a variety of sizes and styles including the pop-top, wide mouth, and swig bottles to please every person.


If you worry about plastic water bottles but want a material that is lightweight and affordable, Tritan water bottles are the perfect answer. This chemical-resistant material has the look of glass and the safety of being BPA-free and food safe. They don’t break and are easy to carry around, making them the perfect solution for employees that are always on-the-go or that just want a simple solution to carrying their water all day.

Fruit Infuser Bottles

Some people love to have a little fruit added to their water, but who wants the fruit up in their straw or landing in their mouth? Our fruit infuser bottles keep the fruit in the water and nowhere else, making it easy to get that flavored water that your employees and clients want without any harmful chemicals or ingredients that you find in processed fruit waters.

Give Your Employees Reasons to Drink More Water

If you want your employees to feel overall health and wellness, consider sharing the following reasons with them to drink more water:

  • It hydrates your body – Hydrating your body helps all of your organs function better. It removes toxins from your body, helps ward off headaches, and may keep your blood sugar levels even.
  • Water helps you perform better – Whether you have athletes for employees or they just like to be somewhat active, drinking water helps them feel good enough to keep up. The nutrients in water help the muscles work more efficiently, while also giving your joints the lubrication needed for comfort.
  • Water helps you think better – Your brain relies on proper water levels in your body. Water helps your blood vessels transport oxygen to the brain so that your employees can be more productive and aware at work and with their families.

Even More Reasons to Drink Water

Aside from the health facts that water is downright one of the best things for anyone, here are a few fun facts and reasons to drink more water:

  • You may lose weight – The more water you drink, the less you may eat. This doesn’t mean you should starve yourself, but oftentimes we mistake hunger for thirst. When you stay hydrated, you may feel hunger pangs less often which may make you eat less or eat healthier, which could result in weight loss.
  • You may save money – If you eat less, you save more money, right? Choosing water over-processed drinks also helps you save money. If you take fewer coffee stop shops or drink less juice or soda, you’ll find the money adding up without you doing much of anything different.
  • Your skin may be clearer – Because water flushes the toxins out of your body, it may result in clearer skin. While it’s not a proven fact that it fights acne, it’s certainly worth trying if you suffer from pimples now and again – your skin may be filled with toxins that it needs to get rid of.

Drinking water may even make your employees feel happier. We could all use a little emotional boost right now, right? Water is one of the best ways to do it. Drinking plenty of water helps your entire body and mind work efficiently, which can naturally lead to better moods. When your employees are productive and aware, they are bound to be happier, which means better overall productivity for everyone.

Give Your Employees the Gift of Water

Make it easy for your employees to have their water and drink it too. Choose from our large selection of water bottles in all different sizes and types. If you are unsure which type will suit your employees or clients the best, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you choose the products that will serve the needs of those you are trying to gift.

We are proud to offer a large selection of water bottles that can be customized with your company name and logo. We keep our prices affordable to make it easy for employers to give the fit of health to their employees, clients, and soon-to-be clients. Whether you have a giveaway coming up or you want a way to make your employees feel welcome, give us a call we can get you the right water bottles for your needs!

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