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Custom Fanny Packs align with current fashion trends

If you think custom fanny packs are a 90’s trend and are still associated with moms and old travelers, think again! Fanny packs are enjoying an enormous resurgence since last year and the trend is witnessing no signs of slowing down. It is not an undercover fashion or a secret anymore, the most belittled form of handbags is making a comeback and a rather massive one this time! Thanks to fashion’s re-emergence trend and reinvention of old accessories into modern style statements, the once-scorned fanny packs have re-emerged in the form of new belt bag trend.

Time has gone by when fanny packs had a negative reputation in the 90s. They are back with a bang and are stylish than ever before. Leading designers from all across the world from Alexander Wang to Karl Lagerfeld are welcoming the fanny pack trend with wide arms on the runway. Many fashion experts term fanny packs to be the trendiest bag in the years to come.

Fanny packs redefined

As the name suggests, the newest style of fanny packs is to wrap around the hips possessing a belt-like strap. Top designers such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, VereVerto, Prada, Kate Spade, Balenciaga, etc. are coming up with their exquisite yet stylish fanny packs that are being used by endless celebrities worldwide. The trend that was previously considered to be for less-stylish and old age people is now being endorsed and used excessively on multiple occasions by multiple celebrities. Earlier in 2017, world-wide renowned celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, etc. were seen sporting a stylish fanny pack. Ever since, the famous celebrities and style-icons have started using these fanny packs, the bags are only growing in popularity. People who didn’t even think once about buying fanny packs in the 90s era are now gazing their eyes on expensive designer custom fanny packs.

In the year 2018, all the famous ramp walks and fashion events all around the world have witnessed fanny packs being sported in various different styles. From dress shirts to casual dresses to skirts, fanny packs were seen everywhere. Big designer names came up with sporty nylon design (put forth by Puma and Prada), to a sleek and stylish small belt bag (such as the one presented by Salvatore Ferragamo).

What are fanny packs like?

These are small bags designed to rest on your waist small enough to be carried easily but big enough to carry all our essentials such as mobile phone, keys, wallet and even a small polaroid camera. This initially came into trend back in 90s when people didn’t want to hold anything in their hands. The modern fashion gurus have transformed the idea of fanny packs in a stylish yet chic manner. The bag now possesses embellishments to give a fashion statement look. Some custom fanny packs of today are designed to be extremely versatile in usage possessing convertible straps. Now, these fanny packs are tending to everyone’s needs from casual to travel needs to party looks, etc.

History of this hot accessory

Fanny packs are derived from the French back in the 15th century when they flaunted a small bag hanging from their waist called a chatelaine. The Americans didn’t catch the style before the 1980s when they got hooked to strap-on bags. Although, back then only a few people who were far from style wore them. It hit the pop culture as well but was caught in a joke when in 1990s “Seinfeld” episode, Jerry told George, “It looks like your belt is digesting a small animal.” Like everything else in the fashion industry, it was accepted by some and rejected by some. The usage depended upon an individual’s personal style and the fashion trends of the time.

Fanny pack- why the funny name?

The bags were called fanny packs because they were worn around the waist above the hips in the back. The trend of today is to wear these bags slung onto the side on a hip or at the back or worn directly in the middle of the waist at the front. In the United States, fanny packs have other names as well i.e. belly bag, buffalo pouch, belt bag, etc. The most fashionable name, “belted satchel”, was given by the clothing designer Diane Von Furstenberg. No matter what you choose to call it, these fanny packs are designed to look amazing when worn close to the hip.

Why have fanny packs come back in style?

Fanny packs, which were once considered, outdated and old-fashioned have now witnessed a major resurgence. They are present in vogue now so if you are thinking of getting a chic fanny pack for yourself, go ahead because you no longer would be committing social suicide. Let’s have a look at some major reasons why fanny packs are back in style with a bang.

  • Offers exceeded comfort

Fashion experts are always looking for ways to intertwine fashion and comfort together. Since fanny packs offer ultra-comfort, they are hitting the market by storm. Only some aspects of the style are changed to match with the consumer of today. This is the best way to shove your important stuff in a convenient place. After all, it is very hard to sit with stuff in the pocket and equally hard to occupy your hands in holding something.

  • Lots of different styles

The best part of fanny packs is that they can be styled in various ways making them the preferred choice of anyone looking for style and comfort together.

  • Convenience

These bags are very convenient because you don’t have to worry about your stuff once you have put it in your bag. If you are heading to an event such as a dance party or a festival, fanny packs are your best bet. You can enjoy your time without worrying about pickpockets and without taking care of your stuff by holding it in your hand.

  • Functionality

After being endorsed and revamped by multiple big designers, they have turned into aesthetically pleasing pieces alongside their functionality. Since big designers are stepping into making fanny packs, the quality is to vouch for.

Celebrities that have rocked the fanny packs

A handful of famous celebrities and style icons are flaunting the fanny packs trying to revive the idea of belt bags. It wouldn’t be wrong to say your famous celebrities are obsessed with this retro accessory. From Kendall to Rihanna, many famous names have hit the streets or the red carpet sporting a chic designer version of the fanny packs. Let’s enjoy a stroll down to see some of your favorite celebrities who have rocked the fanny packs.

  • Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian has been seen multiple times wearing a fanny pack from top-notch designers.

  • Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was seen walking in a relaxed blue jean with a designer fanny pack clung to her waist.

  • Beyoncé

In her nostalgic song called “party”, Queen B was seen sporting a red fanny pack giving major fashion goals.

  • Kate Hudson

Hudson was spotted wearing a leather fanny pack as one of her airport-look.

  • Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey was seen wearing a rather traditional fanny pack to a sports event.

  • Fergie

A designer fanny pack to go with a casual look, Fergie did it best!


  • Kendall Jenner

The reigning queen of the fanny pack, Kendall has been seen multiple times sporting stylish fanny packs complementing her look.


  • Sophia Richie

A perfect Louis Vuitton fanny pack to give a finishing touch to your attire, take the inspiration from Sophia Richie.

  • Kate Bosworth

When Kate Bosworth is seen flaunting it, you know it’s the hip trend that should be followed instantly.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP hit the red carpet in a Chanel fanny pack, back in 2014, way before it was even cool.

  • The Rock

The Rock was seen flaunting a traditional-style fanny pack.

  • Kim Cattrall

Following the belt bag trend, Kim Cattrall also gives this quirky accessory trend a go.

  • Rihanna

Nobody can deny the viability of the fashion trend when it is being followed by Rihanna who was seen flaunting a blinged-out fanny pack in the streets of New York City.


  • Rachel Zoe

The designer herself wore a purple snakeskin belt bag to a red carpet. Validated by the fashion inspiration herself, does anyone need any else validation?

Major brands offering stylish fanny packs

Numerous big and small designers are offering revamped fanny packs to make fashion more attractive and bolder. Famous designers offering fanny packs include:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Valentino
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Clare V
  • Wandler
  • VereVerto
  • COS
  • Yuzefi
  • Stella McCartney
  • Tory Burch
  • Alexander Wang

Reasons why you should get a trendy custom fanny pack

  • It has become a style statement

Fanny packs have come way head from being used just by travelers. They come in all shapes, sizes, types and colors. They have become so much versatile that it is a style statement to carry a fanny pack with confidence. People wear it on top of party gowns or simple dresses to make them extravagant. With the renowned designers stepping in, the trend is here to stay!

  • Go hands-free!

No one wants to worry about purses and stuff when having fun, right? This hand-free fanny pack will ease you off the burden of carrying your important stuff. But will keep all your belongings safe and near you so that you can enjoy to the maximum without worrying.

  • Spot on fashion

When designers like Chanel make them & celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna wear them, they must be high on-trend. Celebrities are seen sporting fanny packs in casual every day wears on the street to high-profile red carpets.

  • Everything in one place

With a fanny pack, every important belonging of yours from phone, wallet, keys, makeup, etc. can be placed within a small bag. The best part is you don’t have to carry all the stuff in your hands.

  • Lots of variety

Designers are now offering lots of variety in fanny packs. From leather fanny packs to denim ones to blingy ones, they are offering it all.

  • Trendsetters are loving it

Fashion freaks and trendsetters all across the world are loving this newly emerged trend of fanny packs. Although famous as a little quirky accessory, people are going bold with their style using this stylish new trend of belt bags.

  • Comfortable & light-weight

High-end designers are making these bags to suit the new style of the industry. They are very comfortable to handle and are made very light-weight.

  • No pickpockets anymore!

Have fun now without worrying about pickpockets. Put all your stuff in your fanny pack and make the most of your moments.

Can you use fanny packs as a marketing tool?

If you wish to take your marketing strategy to the next level and increase your brand awareness, getting bulk fanny packs printed with your company’s logo or message or getting completely custom fanny packs made can prove to be excellent in your business’s interest. Check our collection of fanny packs that have helped our clients not only enhance their style statement but also worked wonders in increasing brand reach.

Get your hands on stylish fanny packs

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