Staying Cool in Spring and Summer Workouts

As a business owner, you can help your employees and clientele stay cool and healthy by providing one of our many fitness promotional products from towels to water bottles or apparel. Everything we offer can be customized for your company with its name, logo, and any other information you want to share. It’s a great way to market your company while taking care of those that keep your company alive!

Fitness is important, but what do you do during the spring and summer as the weather warms up? It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself so that you don’t dehydrate or overheat. No, this isn’t an excuse to stop working out – we all have to do it year-round to stay healthy, but there are certain precautions everyone should take to stay healthy.

Stay Hydrated With Healthy Promotional Products

The most important rule when working out in the spring and summer heat is to stay hydrated! Don’t rely on the water fountains you may find along the way, especially in today’s environment. You need your own water bottle, but not any water bottle will do. The direct heat will quickly heat up your water making it less than refreshing when you stop to hydrate. If you want your employees and clients to keep drinking cool and refreshing water, check out our large selection of water bottles.

Try aluminum water bottles to protect your water from the heat. We have a large selection of bottles that meet many different needs, whether you want wide-mouth bottles for runners that need to keep going, bike bottles for avid bike riders, or sports bottles with an attached carabiner to make carrying the bottle easy, we’ve got you covered! Our aluminum water bottles are all made of the highest quality, are easy to carry, and keep water cold for hours.

Another great option is the stainless steel water bottle. No, you don’t have to spend the big bucks on a Yeti or Boss tumbler; you can get the same high-quality temperature control from our vast selection of stainless steel water bottles. Our stainless steel water bottles are vacuum-sealed with double wall construction for superior cooling. 

The best part about our water bottles is the ability to customize them with your company name, logo, and contact information. Chances are that many people will carry the water bottles outside of their home, which means even more marketing for your company without you even trying! Everyone can use a water bottle whether they work out or not – they make a great healthy promotional product!

Wear the Right Clothes

You might think if you wear a t-shirt and shorts that you’ll be fine working out in the hot weather, but that’s not the case. Certain fabrics, like cotton don’t absorb the moisture (sweat) and dark colors absorb the sunlight and heat making you feel even hotter and more uncomfortable while working out in the hot temperatures. This can make people feel miserable and not want to work out anymore.

Instead, it’s important to wear performance wear that really absorbs the moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable during your workouts. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and lightweight clothing that will keep you safe and cool while you work out. If they don’t absorb moisture or resist odor – they aren’t going to work out well.

We offer a large selection of performance tops that help your employees and customers stay cool. We offer them in men, women, and youth colors and styles, giving you a large selection to make sure you meet the needs of everyone. We even have a large selection of ‘muscle t’s’ for those that prefer the sleeveless style. Each product we offer has moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties, giving your employees and customers everything they need. Choose from a wide selection of colors and customize the shirts with your company’s information. They are a great fitness promotional tool while giving your employees or clients an incredible gift.

Carry a Cooling Towel

Bring a cooling towel along on your workouts to help bring your temperature back down. They are incredibly easy to use – you just wet it, wave it around a bit and the technology in the tool naturally makes it cold. Place it on the back of your neck, your head, or anywhere else that needs that cooling sensation. Cooling towels are reusable and washable, making it easy to stay clean and healthy while staying cool.

We offer a large selection of cooling towels in a variety of carrying cases to fit the needs of your audience. We offer cooling towels in plastic tubes, carabiner cases, mesh pouches, plastic bags, and even sling bags. Think about what your audience would want. Are they runners? They may want a towel they can easily carry along with them that isn’t bulky, like a plastic tube. Are you giving cooling towels to families with small kids? The plastic tubes may be the perfect option to keep them safe and cool.

Each of our cooling towel options can be customized for your company. We customize the carrying case for the towels so it’s easy for anyone to see your company name when your employees or clients take them out to use during their workouts or even just to stay cool at a county fair, zoo, or any other outside gathering.

Other Fitness Promotional Products

A few other ways for your employees and clients to stay safe during spring and summer workouts include:

  • Choose to workout either early in the morning or later at night. Avoiding working out during the high summer heat is crucial. Of course, if they are well equipped with cooling towels, water bottles, and the right apparel, they may stay cool, but the heat of the sun can be harsh mid-day.
  • Hydrate before and after working out. Most people are great about hydrating while they are working out, but it’s almost more important to hydrate before and after working out too. Hydrating before you work out gives your body the energy it needs to withstand the workout in the heat. What you drink today affects your body tomorrow, so drinking water all of the time is important. That’s why our water bottles make such a great gift for everyone! Hydrating after you work out replenishes the body of what it lost during the workout and is just as important.
  • Protect your head. Working out in the heat can feel even hotter when you don’t have sun-protection. Wear protecting headwear and keep your head safe. We offer a large selection of hats that are great not only to protect heads from the sun, but also to keep you cool while you work out. Combining the use of a hat, apparel, a cooling towel, and hydration is the recipe for the perfect workout.

Help Everyone Stay Healthy With Fitness Promotional Products

Looking for a great way to help your clients stay healthy? Encourage them to work out by providing customized gear. You can even create a postcard or poster of different ways they can work out while staying comfortable.

Let your employees and clients know that you care about their health by providing them with fitness promotional products that encourage. You aren’t just in business for the money, but in it to care about those that keep your business running.

We offer a large selection of healthy promotional products that make it easy to advertise. It’s a great way to market without really marketing. You are giving out gifts that help people that you care about. Our minimum order quantities are easy to reach and our products are high-quality yet extremely affordable, making it easy to market your business.

Check out our large selection of fitness promotional products today. Get your spring and summer marketing gifts ready for your giveaways! We are happy to answer any questions that you have – contact us today!

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