Stress relievers – Simultaneous promotional products and spirit items

Sports stress reliever balls

A spirit item is a product that allows people to show enthusiasm for a particular sports team or school, while a promotional product is an item that helps a company or organization to market itself. These two devices can often intersect, such as when sports teams use promotional products to increase awareness of themselves. However, never before have the two so delightfully merged as when the stress reliever was invented.

As a spirit item, promotional stress relievers are excellent. Everyone who passionately follows a sports teams knows the tension and stress that can result from a close game or thrilling loss. At the edge of one’s seat, with all attention focused on the TV screen, the pressure one’s fist makes is liable to break a bone. A branded stress reliever is a helpful tool for downgrading some tension to simple passion and allowing one to enjoy the remainder of the game in relative peace.

Where promotional products are concerned, stress relievers fit the bill. If the only stressful moments in people’s lives were when they watched sports on television, the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately, business meetings, long commutes and phone conversations with family members often require a bit of tension relaxation. What’s better than a squishy ball that fits in the palm of your hand for helping to ease the stress of an uncomfortable situation?

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