Strike With Promotional Products When Emotions Are High

Emotional Promotional ProductsChristmas has become not just a holiday, but a month-long season. Rather than one day near the end of December, it now begins the day after Thanksgiving and extends through New Year’s Eve for many people.

While some don’t like the extended Christmas season, many Americans do. If you think about the psychology of behind the holiday and the behavior and feelings this holiday season brings, it makes sense why so many cling to it for so long.

The Christmas seasons brings feelings of love, hope, generosity, and kindness, which are often scarce during the other 11 months out of the year. Of course people want more of those feelings, so they grasp on to the season and extend it as long as possible.

The Christmas season is also full of charitable events to help those in need. Many workplaces have a more relaxed environment. People are generally happier.

This holiday season is full of many types of emotions. Some are sad emotions from people missing loved ones that have passed on, but most are happy emotions.

Family members and friends that live far away are often reunited during this holiday time. The jolly spirit of the season is infectious and spreads to the masses.

Because emotions are running so high with many people, this is the time to make a long-lasting impression with them by gifting them a great promotional product. Whenever your giveaways compliment an emotional high (or low), your branding is infinitely reinforced with that person.

Below are a few premium gift ideas to give to your top clients during the Christmas holiday season. These corporate gifts will help reinforce your brand during this joyous season.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift BasketsGift Baskets

Food gifts are always a favorite during the Christmas holidays. This is a known time to nibble on junk foods excessively. Some of the favorite snacks include chocolate, nuts, cookies, truffles, and brownies. Gift baskets full of a variety of premium snack foods always make a big impression and are welcomed during this season. Choose many different combinations of snacks all wrapped together to create a phenomenal presentation. Corporate gift baskets will keep your company on the forefront of the minds (and bellies) of your clients during the Christmas season.

Wine Gift Sets for the HolidaysWine Gift Sets

With the increased number of wine drinkers across the country, wine gift sets are excellent giveaways. Wine related gifts are considered high class; therefore, they have a high perceived value, making them great gifts for your top clients. Couple these useful wine tools with a bottle of wine and you will will really make a big impression.

Coffee Gift SetsCoffee Gift Sets

Coffee fuels many Americans, especially during the morning hours. Everyone has their favorite coffee mugs, so why not give them a new favorite in a coffee gift set? If you want to give away a premium item, choose a coffee gift set that includes both coffee mugs and a Thermos bottle. These come with nice gift boxes so they have a great presentation when given to your clients or employees. Choose from sets which include one mug or a set of 4 custom logo coffee mugs.

Golf Gift SetsGolf Gift Sets

Not only is golf the most popular sport played by adult men, but also it has also become very popular with women. This sport represents the epitome of relaxation. While playing 18 holes of golf, you drive around the course in a golf cart, have stimulating conversation with friends, and maybe even drink a few beers. When put that way, what’s not to love about golf? If your clients are golf lovers, they will love to recieve a golf gift set with useful tools such as a high quality divot fixer, ball markers, brand name golf balls, and other great golf tools.

Tech Gift SetsTech Gift Sets

You won’t find anyone argue that tech items aren’t the hottest gifts during the holiday season. This is true not only in the promotional products industry, but also in the retail sector. Electronics and tech stores are among the busiest stores during Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas. That’s because the most wanted items are tech-related. Items such as headphones, earbuds, powerbanks, phone chargers, and fitness trackers can be printed with your company logo and given to your top prospects, clients, and employees.

Journal Gift Sets - personalizedJournal Gift Sets

Tech items may be taking over the world; however, millions of people still prefer to make their to-do lists on good, old-fashioned paper. That’s why gifts sets which include a journal are great Christmas giveaways. Whether you choose a top quality brand such as a Moleskine journal or an off-brand, many of your clients will appreciate the ability to write on paper in a nice journal! If the gift set you choose doesn’t come with a pen of matching quality to the journal, be sure to include a premium pen as well!

Travel Gift SetsTravel Gift Sets

During the Christmas holidays, many families travel to visit parents, grandparents, and friends. Others choose this time to schedule a family vacation during the extended school break. Travel gift sets are great giveaways because of the excess traveling that takes place during the Christmas holidays. Some travel sets may include a travel coffee mug, water bottle, bag, or tech items such as phone chargers or powerbanks.

Giving gifts during the Christmas season is a tradition that dates back thousands of years to the birth of Christ. Now, in modern times, that tradition is stronger than ever. It is even expected by many people to receive gifts from their employers and top vendors. Whether you like the tradition or not, it’s better to keep your top clients and employees jolly during the Christmas season by investing in nice gifts.

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