Subject Lines and the Difference They Make In Email Marketing

While it may not be obvious, email marketing has been around for quite some time and is still one of the most successful channels for marketing your business.

Email marketing provides various benefits, from growing the community between your customers to promoting sales and sharing new product launches for your company.

This digital marketing method is a great way to keep customers in-the-know about what your business is working on, coming out with, and more!

In fact, there is no end to the things you can do with email marketing.

When setting business goals for getting more customers, email marketing may be overlooked. Let me tell you – it shouldn’t be!

Why Use Email Marketing

Most consumers check their email daily, which is part of the reason why email marketing can be so successful for your business.

According to a study done by CampaignMonitor, email marketing is the dominant marketing channel, and there is an average of $44 ROI for every $1 spent by your company. That’s a huge deal!

As business people, it’s essential to understand why ROI is vital to your success. Yes, investing in certain things is how to build a successful company, but the return you get is the part that determines whether that investment was worth it or not.

According to that same study, there is 320% more revenue generated when using automated email marketing. What more could you want?

While email marketing is a great way to meet your goals and construct marketing strategies, it has to be done right.

For one thing, the content that goes into these emails can make a big difference in whether the subscriber interacts with it.

If you send them an email full of irrelevant info, they will likely ignore it, or worse – unsubscribe from the email list. That is the last thing you want.

The content in these emails needs to be relevant and useful to the customer who receives it. This will make them much more likely to click the link to your website and make a purchase or click on something out of curiosity at the least.

You want these emails to incite action from the customer. That doesn’t include deleting the email altogether.

If you want to prevent that, it’s crucial to word the email subject line strategically.

Why does the subject line matter?

It’s easy to get so focused on the emails sent that you forget about putting reasonable effort into what the subject line says. Don’t forget!

The subject line is usually the first thing someone sees in their inbox when the email pops up, and that can determine whether they even open it or decide to delete it altogether.

Picture this – you send out an email about an annual sale that your company has every year. Everything in the store is 50-75% off its original price.

Which of these subject lines would be more effective?

“Tammy’s Trinkets Sale” or “Everything 50-75% NOW at Tammy’s Trinkets!”

I think we can all agree that the second subject line would be much more effective.

For starters, the first subject line is a little too vague, don’t you think? Sure, it covers the company name and includes that there is a sale going on, but that’s not enough info at first glance.

The subject line needs to contain something that makes the subscriber want to click the email and see more.

If the consumer sees that there is a sale, but there’s no other detail, they’ll assume it’s not a good sale for them and delete the email without further investigation.

If they see how big that sale is, it’s more likely to result in them interacting with the email. Now that they know about the deal, they’ll want to know what all you’re offering.

It’s all about drawing interest in the right way!

Not every email you send will be about a sale, but this is just to prove the point. The subject line matters!

How do I pick the right subject line?

Ask the following questions when writing a subject line:

Does it sum up what the email is about?

Is it too long or too short?

Does it make sense?

How will the consumer perceive this?

Is it beneficial to the brand?

Does it help achieve a goal?

Let’s be clear – the subject line is essential, but it isn’t hard to do it properly. You can mostly likely scroll through your inbox and see plenty of automated emails from various businesses and see what works and what doesn’t. This can help you with your own business email subject lines!

Also, keep this in mind – you can always hire a digital marketing agency to help you with an email marketing campaign. In fact, we offer a variety of email marketing services. 

Marketing agencies are the experts of all things marketing, and there’s no reason to stress over perfecting your campaign when you can have someone reliable do it for you!

You’ll also learn a lot in the process that you can apply to other aspects of your marketing and business operations.

Communication is vital to a business’s success, and marketers are the best communicators in the industry!

They’ll make sure your emails are thorough and effective, from the content to the subject line.

Subject lines make a difference, don’t let a lousy subject line ruin your email campaign!

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