5 Great Summertime Promotional Products for Any Business

When you think of summertime a few things probably come to mind; sunshine, swimming, family picnics, and vacations to the beach. Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy all those things but it is also the perfect time to kick your marketing into high gear! Most businesses have a set of “go-to” marketing and promotional items to help attract all those summer shoppers, but if you are struggling to find ideas, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of 5 amazing promotional products that can be used by ANY business, from a hair salon to a mechanic shop, and every business in between. These products all have one thing in common, they are useful to most people!

The more useful a promotional product is, the longer the customer is likely to keep it and show it off to others. When they show others that item, it is like they are opening the door to your business. On top of their usefulness, all of these products are summertime staples. Each product was selected for this list based on 2 criteria. Number one, each product has to be business-neutral, meaning it is not designed for one specific market type or business but instead can be used by any business. Number two, each product had to coincide with summertime, rather it be the heat, the types of activities and events of summer, or something that brings relief from one of summer’s annoyances. So, take a look at our top 5 summertime promos that are perfect no matter what type of business you have.

Herbal Armor Individual Insect Repellent Wipes – Natural and effective, these wipes are amazing! Although summertime is a wonderful time to be outdoors enjoying nature, your fun time can be quickly ruined by those creepy crawling, sometimes flying, insects! From the dreaded mosquito to the gnat, bugs are a pain that your customers would love to be rid of. These wipes feature 6 active ingredients that are all natural oils. Providing 100% protection for 2 hours, these small wipes pack a powerful punch! Your business will be the hero of any outdoor event when you pass out these insect wipes that feature your FULL-COLOR logo on every package! With a minimum order quantity of just 250 pieces, you cannot afford to not get these perfect summertime promos!! These wipes will be a huge hit at your towns 4th of July fireworks show or your upcoming outdoor wedding or anywhere else that insects can cause the guests to flee early. With Herbal Armor Insect Wipes, your outdoor events don’t have to end early and you can officially declare “No Bugs Allowed!”

Custom Imprinted Beach Balls – Nothing is more “summer” than beach balls. Beach balls are a summertime staple from special events like weddings to family reunions and pool parties. Beach balls are a highly versatile promotional item with many sizes and colors to choose from. Providing businesses with a great amount of visibility due to the large imprint area puts beach balls in a class all their own. Low price points make beach balls a great item for small businesses who do not have large budgets for promotions. Beach balls can be used by any type of business for a little extra exposure during the summertime. You can print your logo on just one panel or all six panels of the beach ball. Check out our Beach Ball Buying Guide to help find the best beach ball for your summer campaign. Some of our favorite beach balls are the multi-color, the light-up, and the beautiful translucent beach balls! Which ones are your favorite?

Promotional Umbrellas – As much as we think of the sunshine and blue skies when we think of summer, it would be wise to remember that summer is known for something else…. Storm season. Summer often brings with it a lot of wet weather. Your customers will thank you when they stay dry with one of your beautiful custom umbrellas! Umbrellas are another promotional item that comes with a large variety of options including size, color, material and more. Umbrellas offer one of the largest and most visible imprint areas in the promotional product world, and if that is not enough of a reason, recently the umbrella has taken a huge step forward, and after 300+ years has finally been re-envisioned. This umbrella is in a class of its own and leaves most people saying, “I MUST have one!” Click the link to check out the video for the unbelievable reverse-operation Rebel umbrella, then click here to check out all there is to know about the amazing Rebel Umbrella. But if the reverse-operation umbrella is not quite your style, no worries! Perfect Imprints has tons of styles from traditional to golf to travel size. We even have the amazing Umbrella Hat!

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles – One thing that every summer has is heat. The temperatures are up and more than ever it is important to stay hydrated. Let your business set a fitting example by handing out promotional water bottles. These are no ordinary water bottles though, they are vacuum insulated which means your delicious and refreshing beverage will stay icy cold for hours! By removing all air between the layers of the water bottle, there is less temperature transfer between the layers which means your drink stays at the desired temperature much longer! Water bottles and tumblers are not just a passing trend, with technological advances, these beverage containers are here to stay. So, if everyone will be carrying one, it only makes sense for them to carry one with your logo on it! Promotional vacuum insulated water bottles have been go-to promos for fitness centers, outdoor entertainment venues such as amusement parks and festivals, but these promos will fit any type of business. The recent increased popularity around health and fitness means more and more people are focused on keeping hydrated and that means having a water container that is reliable and works to keep their water nice and cold all day long. Vacuum insulated water bottles are a great idea for promotional giveaways but also make great gifts for your employees, friends, and family.

Promotional Hand Fans – One terrific way to advertise and help your customers beat the heat is with promotional hand fans. Hand fans are affordable, offer a large visible imprint area, are extremely useful. Like all the other summertime promo items, they can be used by any type of business. These may seem old-school, but I assure you giving people a bit of relief from the heat will make you and your business the champion of summer. Hand fans are perfect for outdoor events such as concerts or festivals but can also be given out in your store. Pair the hand fans with the Herbal Armor Insect Wipes for a winning summertime combination. Most of our hand fans are made right here in the U.S.A. You also have the choice of purchasing hand fans that are made from 100% post consumer recyclable paper board for an Eco-friendly option. Hand fans look great when printed in full color and will stand out against a one or two color imprint. The low price point for hand fans allows businesses large and small to take advantage. Give your customers some relief from the unbearable heat this summer with a beautifully printed hand fan from Perfect Imprints.

These are just a few of the amazing summertime promotional items that your business could use. Marketing your business does not have to be difficult, costly, or time-consuming. All you need are some great ideas and a great resource like Perfect Imprints to help. It is important to remember that the more useful a promo is to your customer, the longer they will keep not just the product but also your business in mind. Don’t sweat your marketing this summer, just turn to the experts at Perfect Imprints and let us handle it all.

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