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  The Summer season signifies it's time for schools to focus on their football season. High school students and teachers may be out for the summer break, but football coaches are hard at work with training camps for their players, planning strategies for the upcoming season, and tryouts for new players. For those who manage fundraising campaigns for the school booster club, attention now must turn to the upcoming football spirit items. Planning ahead is important with your spirit items. Late planning can cause a loss of fundraising revenue due to extra rush charges, factory inventory issues, late arrivals for your booster club store, and many other problems.

Considerations When Planning Your Team Spirit Items:

Promotional Product Ideas / 10.05.2017

Trade shows can be a chaotic whirlwind for any business if you are not prepared. The shear amount of time and detail that is required before, during and even after the trade show will have a significant impact on how much your business will potentially gain or lose as a result. Everything from the table cloth you use to the signs you display and even the items you give away, should be chosen with purpose and planned efficiently. The results of your planning can put your business on a level you may have not even thought possible; You could land the biggest client your business has ever had! On the other hand, a lack of planning can result in a tarnished reputation, bad reviews and loss of future clients.
Promo FAQs / 11.10.2016

Promotional Products FAQs - What is the best file type for artwork my promotional products order?Learn about the common frequently asked questions (FAQs) when ordering promotional products to help make the buying process easier. We are big on education and that includes educating our clients!

FAQ: Do I receive an art proof prior to production?

Answer: You will ALWAYS receive an email proof with your artwork on every printed order that you MUST approve prior to production. We want to ensure the final product is exactly as you imagined; however, since we can't read minds, we have to verify with proofs. It's important that you thoroughly look over your proof for misspellings or incorrect layouts.
Promo FAQs / 13.09.2016

Promotional Products FAQs - What is the best file type for artwork my promotional products order?Our new blog series will focus on common questions we receive from clients. Our hope is to educate you and make the process of ordering promotional products as easy as possible by addressing many frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you during your research phase, rather than waiting until the buying phase. This educational series will ensure your ordering process is seamless and easy.

FAQ: What type of artwork file should I submit with my promotional products order?

Answer: Your artwork format will differ depending on the printing process. See more details below. 
Logo Design & Artwork Tips / 25.04.2016

[caption id="attachment_5645" align="alignright" width="600"]Why using positive artwork doesn't work when printing a light color on a dark background. This example shows why using the same positive version of doesn't work well on both light and dark promotional items.[/caption] When preparing artwork for promotional products or custom apparel, it's very important to set up your artwork correctly. The outcome of the final product is directly proportional to the quality of artwork used for the project. Poor input (artwork) = poor output. High quality input can equal high quality output, if the printing process and the products are also high quality. One of the big mistakes I often see surrounding artwork is the wrong layout of the design used to print on different colored products. For example, the positive artwork design is often used to print a light color on a dark color, when the negative version of the art should have been used. Oftentimes, this is simply a mistake of ignorance to the printing process, but sometimes, it is to avoid an additional set up fee. This can also be a result of lack of ability to manipulate the artwork so it prints correctly. I frequently see the positive version used for promotional items purchased through other promotional products distributors, but also used as examples from suppliers on their websites and in their printed catalogs. 
Christmas, Seasonal and Holiday / 04.12.2015

Rush Service for Personalized Christmas OrnamentsSo you've waited until the last minute and need custom Christmas ornaments in a rush! No worries, we have great options for you. The rush options are more limited due to high volume for ornaments the closer we approach Christmas; however, there are a several ornaments that can be produced and shipped very quickly. Below you will be able to choose from many styles of ornaments with 2-Day or 3-Day rush service. 
Halloween, Seasonal and Holiday, Thrifty Thursday / 17.09.2015

Thrifty Thursday - Pumpkin Carving Spoon

Pumpkin Carving Spoon

If you are looking for a festive giveaway for the Fall and Halloween season, these pumpkin carving spoons are fun and unique giveaways. Choose from either orange or white printed with your logo on the handle. They have a serrated edge and jack-o-lantern face on the spoon. The handle is reinforced to be durable while scooping out the pulp and seeds from pumpkins. Each spoon is individually polybagged to prevent scuffing of the logo during transport and storage. Pumpkin Carving Spoons - Thrifty Thursday Promotional Items for Fall and Halloween
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Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Promotional Items

Orange Halloween Lip Balm

The color combination of orange and black is recognizable as Halloween colors by nearly everyone. That's why this SPF 15 Orange Halloween Lip Balm is a great giveaway for your events in the month of October! The pricing of the lip balm includes a full color printing of your custom graphics. You can either supply your own artwork or have one of our professional graphic designers make you a cool, spooky design (for an additional fee). This unique lip balm also comes in unique flavors such as: Black licorice (actual lip balm is tinted black), candy corn, pumpkin pie, monster mellow (marshmallow), which's brew (berry), vampire's blood (pomegranate), BooNilla (vanilla), candy apple, or dragon's breath (mint). Orange Halloween Lip Balm - Thrifty Thursday
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Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Promotional Items

Soft Loop Plastic Orange Halloween Bag

Believe it or not, Halloween is only a few months away, so you should be thinking about your Halloween giveaways. These Halloween bags have a simple but classic design. They feature a jack-o-lantern on the front and your custom imprint on the back. The halloween bags are also printed with safety tips so that you and everyone with these bags will be reminded how to stay safe while trick or treating. Trendy Tuesday - Soft Loop Halloween Bag