Finding the Right Official Size Full Size Custom Basketballs

Top Selling Full Size Basketballs - Official Size and Intermediate Women's Size

So you are thinking about ordering full-size custom basketballs, but want to make sure you buy the right size?

This guide will help you quickly find the top sellers for the size you need for your team or event. There are several different “regulation” sizes, so it’s important to check with your league first to verify the official size which is acceptable for use in league play. However, not all basketballs are intended for gameplay, nor are all custom basketballs needed for league play.

Football Spirit Items Checklist

Checklist for Football Spirit Items

Here is a checklist for your football spirit items to make sure your fundraising efforts are maximized before, during, and after football games.

Foam Fingers Continue to Prove Their Effectiveness

Foam fingers and foam hands have been a popular sports spirit item since they were introduced in 1971 at a high school boys state basketball final. However, the first prototype wasn’t made of foam. Instead, the giant foam finger at that game was made of hardware cloth and papier-mâché. Since then, many different manufacturing companies […]

How to Save Money When Shipping Bulk Foam Fingers

Foam fingers are a staple at sporting events. Whether the sport be football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey, fans love waiving their team’s foam fingers while cheering on their beloved team. These foam hands provide an incredible opportunity to raise funds by selling to your fan base. While finding the right shape and size for […]

Promos With a Bang

As the school year winds down, students are thinking about much needed freedom and rest from the over-testing that takes place at schools. However, the faculty that oversees the sports programs are busy planning for next season. They are working on game scheduling and thinking about team fundraisers. By planning early, team managers and coaches can […]

Which Mini Basketballs Do I Give Out At the Games?

At the same time that the college football enters the bowl game season, basketball season also begins to heat up. College basketball is a fast-paced sport with a constant stream of excitement. The energy level experienced at most college basketball arenas is unrivaled by any other sport, even football. Over the course of a full season, […]

March Madness Marketing Ideas

With the NCAA Tournament starting tomorrow, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your business by harnessing the high energy surrounding college basketball. Now that the teams have been selected, boasting has begun. Fans are already claiming their team will make it to the Final Four! Use this excitement to create successful marketing campaigns. The […]

Buying Guide for Thundersticks

Image courtesy of Shaheen Karolia First of all, let’s answer this question for those who are new to buying school spirit items, “What are thundersticks?” Thundersticks are a pair of inflatable sticks that are banged together to make a loud booming noise. They are most commonly used as school spirit items to cheer on a […]

Basketball Season Giveaways and Ideas

College and high school basketball season is starting soon, so it’s time to plan your giveaways for the season, as well as products that you want to sell for fundraisers for your basketball team. Having a variety of basketball spirit items available for your fans is one of the best ways to get them involved […]