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Each year, I have the privilege of attending the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, which is the largest promotional products trade show in the world. PPAI Expo 2018 was host to over 1200 suppliers with nearly 25,000 attendees and more than 250,000 promotional products showcased! Not only am I able to connect with existing suppliers for Perfect Imprints, but I’m also able to connect with new suppliers within the industry. This helps expand our product offering and strengthen existing relationships with our vendors.  One major benefit of the thousands of exhibitors at PPAI Expo is that I’m able to identify trending promotional products within the marketplace, allowing Perfect Imprints to better serve our clients.  Based on the recent exhibiting products at PPAI Expo 2018, I’ve identified the following promos as hot and trending for 2018.  Note: Some of my favs are not available yet on our website because they are so new. For those productions, you'll see (Link coming soon). I'll be updating with the links as soon as they are available in the coming weeks. 2018 Hot and Trending Promotional Products 
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10 things your Mom used to say to you when you were a child Moms. They have a maternal instinct that most Dads simply don't have when it comes to taking care of their children. You most likely remember so many lessons your Mom taught you. In fact, there are probably quite a few phrases your Mother repeated over and over while raising you. Below, we've compiled the top 10 things Moms said to their kids in the 80's and 90's. We've also included corresponding promotional items to go along with them. This shows that you should listen to your Mama and buy these promotional products. 
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  Boating is a huge recreational activity for visitors and residents of coastal towns, as well as for towns adjacent to large lakes and rivers. In fact, last year in the U.S., there were 11,861,811 registered recreational boating vessels. (Statistic from the U.S. Coast Guard) If your business sells services or merchandise to boaters, this list of the top promotional items for boaters is for you. Boating is an activity that consistently requires the purchase of new supplies, new parts for your boat, and routine boat maintenance and cleaning. Your goal as a business owner who sells primarily to boaters is to not only obtain new boating customers but also keep them coming back.

Keeping Your Business Afloat With Boaters

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[caption id="attachment_6559" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Spring Break Promotional Items Your Guests Will Love Image source:[/caption] Spring Break is a fun time of year for many, yet a busy time of year for those in the hospitality business. Your beach town is likely inundated with out of town guests who want to rest, relax, and sometimes party hard. As a business owner or a marketer, you want to ensure a great experience for your guests so they will return to your business the following Spring Break, or hopefully sooner! Below are are few promotional products your guests will absolutely love and continue to use after they go back home. 
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-I need to market my business. -I need to brand my business. Marketing vs. BrandingThe two sentences sound as if they are saying the same thing, but that is a common misconception. Marketing and branding are very different, and knowing the difference will take your business quite a few steps above your competitors. Many powerful companies such as Coca Cola and Disney have used both marketing and branding very specifically, and it has helped each become extremely successful.

What is Marketing?

To begin, let’s discuss what marketing is. Marketing as we see it, is the processes your business uses to make sales. Marketing can include commercials, events, print ads, and promotional products to name a few. Your company’s marketing is based on a strategy aimed at return. The return being the sale of your products or services.
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Top 10 Essential Beach Promotional ProductsA day at the beach has many different meanings to different people. Tourists visiting a beach town are keen on spending a full day at the beach. No matter what the temperature or water conditions, they will make use of their beach time. After all, they may only be able to visit once per year or less, so they have to get in as much beach time as possible while visiting. Locals, however, typically enjoy shorter durations at the beach but much more often. If the weather or water conditions aren't ideal, we pass until better conditions arise. We live here so we don't have to spend the entire day at the beach.
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Tailgate Kit that comes packaged in a drawstring backpackWhen it comes to thank you gifts at events, promotional items are the perfect giveaways. But presentation is extremely important. Handing out loose promotional products or giving them in a cheap white, flimsy box or disposable plastic bag isn't a good presentation. That cheapens the whole experience and lowers the perceived value of the gift. In the end, it can reflect poorly on your company or event. If your budget allows, you can opt for custom packaging and present your giveaways in a beautifully crafted box that perfectly fits your promos. However, this option isn't always cost-effective, and it takes planning well in advance. An alternative option is to use other promotional products as a vessel to hold your giveaways. For this purpose, you have to think outside the box (custom packaging) on this. A low priced plastic bag is frequently used to hold the multiple giveaways that are presented to your recipients. But why spend money on bags that will promptly be thrown away? Instead, also think outside the bag.