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Do You Want a New Approach to Build a Relationship with Your Clients? Don't Miss These Expert Ways to Emotionally Connect With Your Clients Using Promotional Items!   Do you work in sales and marketing? Are you looking for a new and creative approach to not only grab the attention of your future clients but also to build something more substantive -- like a relationship?
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Need A Creative Way to Grab the Attention of Your Clients? Don't Miss These 25 Ways to use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets 25 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets If you're looking for new, creative ways to grab the attention of your potential customers and clients, then read on to get these 25 ways to use promotional items in your marketing strategy today. Not only are these promotional products economical, but they are thoughtful. #1: Ship a Mug Brand a coffee mug or tumbler and ship it to a prospect. The next day, follow up with a branded packet of coffee and a note introducing your company. The two-day punch of gifts helps to peak interest in your company and serves to warm up your prospect to be much more receptive to receiving your phone call. #2: Mail a Handwritten Note Write a note of thanks on a company notecard and send it with a customized pen with your client's name printed on the barrel of the pen. In the note, thank your client for working with you on a past order. This is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your clients and earn more business from them.
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Spring Break Promotional Products and Marketing IdeasIf your hotel is located in a beach town, then you most likely cater to tourists You understand the direct correlation of your business success with the health of tourism in your area. If tourism is down, your numbers will be down. However, if tourism is down in your area, it doesn't have to be down for your business. If you are proactive with your marketing approach, you can attract guests to your hotel. The mistake many tourism-dependent hotels make is they depend on the local tourism authority to bring tourists to the local area. You must act as your own advocate and not rely on the efforts of others whom you have no control over their actions. For beach town hotels, Spring Break is the first influx for the tourist season. The Spring Break season is typically considered to be the entire month of March. This time period is critical for your first quarter earnings. Here's a great resource showing the current spring break dates for many schools around the country: Spring Break School Dates. Being proactive means you should actually budget for campaigns to attract Spring Breakers to your hotel. You campaigns will be vastly different depending on whether you want to attract party animal spring breakers (college students) or families.

Below are several ideas to attract visitors to your hotel for Spring Break.

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Halloween Marketing IdeasWhenever you can piggyback your business marketing with popular holidays such as Halloween, you can greatly increase your sales with minimal effort. Halloween is certainly one of the more popular holidays that is loved by both children and adults. In fact, this "holiday" is so popular that consumers spend nearly $7 billion dollars on Halloween-related items. That's a big number that I'm sure you want a piece of during the month of October. That breaks down to about $72 per American. Now time for a little math...multiply the number of customers you have by $72. I'm sure that number is motivating to you! Much of the Halloween expenditure goes towards costumes, candy, and decorations. If you sell any of these items, you'll definitely want to market your business during the Halloween selling season through sales and events at your store and promotional giveaways. However, even if your business has nothing to do with selling Halloween items, you can still promote your business for this fun day. Everyone who goes trick or treating needs a candy bag, so why not proudly display your logo on personalized trick or treat bags?

10 ideas how you can promote your business during Halloween using personalized Halloween bags with your company logo.

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Thrifty Thursday - Vinyl Mini Footballs - Mini Sports Balls

Vinyl Mini Footballs

The start of football season is just a few short months away. Soon, high football stadiums around the country will fill up on Friday nights with thousands of potential new customers for your business. Sponsoring your local area high schools with mini football giveaways is a great way to get your name into the crowd. By coupling your marketing effort with the passion of the fans (football), your efforts will go much further! These mini footballs are great, low-cost football spirit items that can be printed with your company logo and donated to the cheerleaders to throw into the crowd after touchdowns and big plays! Vinyl Mini Footballs

Vinyl Mini Football Features

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[caption id="attachment_3658" align="alignright" width="750"]Marketing to Tourists Pictured is the beautiful beach on Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, FL.[/caption] For many of us that are lucky enough to live in a beautiful beach town, we can take mini vacations to the beach often. This beach therapy is a great way to relax and let go of the stress that builds up from work, school, raising kids, etc. With the school year winding down, there will be millions of tourists heading for beach towns around the country for an extended vacation. During their stays, they will dine in the local restaurants, shop in the local stores, and partake in some of the local leisurely activities and entertainment, such as water parks, bungee jumping, go cart tracks, concerts, fishing, parasailing, jet ski and boat rentals. Additionally, many of these visitors will look forward to some of the nightlife experiences at the local bars and nightclubs. How will they find you? Your business needs to be ready to entice these visitors to visit your establishment. Otherwise, you stand to miss out of thousands of potential sales. Below are a few ideas to market to tourists visiting your area.
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March Madness Marketing IdeasWith the NCAA Tournament starting tomorrow, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your business by harnessing the high energy surrounding college basketball. Now that the teams have been selected, boasting has begun. Fans are already claiming their team will make it to the Final Four! Use this excitement to create successful marketing campaigns. The most successful marketing connects with customers on a personal level and connecting through sports is one of the easiest and fastest ways to engage with your customers and prospects. Below are a few ideas of how you can leverage the buzz and excitement that is already present and promote your company during March Madness!
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Marketing Like A Drug DealerMarketing can be a tough job. You have to be creative. You have to BOLDLY stand out among competitors in your local marketplace. You have to be inviting. You have to show benefit to the consumer. You have to put your best foot forward! Your product or service has to be so good that your customers want to come back to you over and over. However, you do have to first convince them to try you out. Think about this scenario. Someone has a product that is desired by a certain demographic of consumers. However, trust is often an issue prior to the first purchase. Therefore, a free sample is provided to show the consumer how great the quality is and to build trust. The consumer tries the product, decides it is worthy and makes a purchase.

This scenario sounds a bit like a drug dealer, doesn't it?

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Certainly the most exciting time of college basketball is March Madness. Sure, there are many exciting league games against rivals and high ranking teams, but all this excitement festers and builds up to even more excitement when its time for the NCAA selection for the tournament. 68 teams will make the initial cut to determine the NCAA National Champion. Surrounding all of this excitement are many opportunities for businesses to piggyback on this excitement with events, contests, promotions, and sales. Sports bars can use the big games to draw in crowds. Below we have listed the top 10 giveaways for March Madness for schools and many of them are great for businesses to use to promote their events.

Top 10 March Madness Giveaways

Mini Basketballs Mini Basketballs These are certainly the top giveaway at basketball games and events. Mini basketballs are fun to throw around with friends or to throw at friends. Add a mini hoop and you have hours of entertainment. You can choose from the soft, vinyl balls, foam balls, or even plastic basketballs that can be printed with your team mascot or your company logo.