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With 2017 right around the corner, planning for the upcoming year is vital to the success of your business. How will you propel your company into the future? A sure way is to stay top of mind with your existing top clients and the best way to do that is make sure they are reminded of your business often, without annoying them. How do you do that? You give them a useful promotional item they will use daily. This PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints features the extremely popular 30 oz. Stainless Steel Tumblers that are comparable in quality to the Yeti Rambler, but better. They are better because they are branded with your company logo, which will keeps top of mind awareness for your company. These tumblers work as a daily advertisement for your company long after you pay for them. That's a benefit that traditional advertising mediums won't do for you. PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers So why have tumblers such as the Yeti, Boss, RTIC, Frio, Arctix, and other similar brands been such a popular item over the last year or so? It's because the double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated construction offers superior heat and cold retention. When a tumbler keeps your coffee piping hot for over 4 hours and keeps ice in your drink for over 24 hours, you have a winner! Your clients and employees will love these tumblers as Christmas gifts.
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It's that time of year. Stores have long since stocked their shelves with Christmas merchandise. You have most likely already planned your strategies to get your share of Christmas sales. Corporations are finalizing their promotional giveaways and end of the year gifts for their clients and employees. This PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints features the top selling Christmas ball ornaments, which are made in the USA! These ornaments have a classic look and a great price point for your company. PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Custom Christmas Ornaments Custom Christmas Ornaments are such a great holiday giveaway because an estimated 43 million Christmas trees are sold each year. All of these Christmas trees need ornaments, so why not proudly display your brand on the trees of your clients?
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Rush Service for Personalized Christmas OrnamentsSo you've waited until the last minute and need custom Christmas ornaments in a rush! No worries, we have great options for you. The rush options are more limited due to high volume for ornaments the closer we approach Christmas; however, there are a several ornaments that can be produced and shipped very quickly. Below you will be able to choose from many styles of ornaments with 2-Day or 3-Day rush service. 
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Top Selling Custom Christmas OrnamentsThe Christmas season in in full force. With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping rush behind us, it's time to focus your efforts to finish all of your Christmas shopping, including your corporate Christmas ornaments. One of the top corporate giveaways for the Christmas season is a custom Christmas ornament printed with your company logo. These gifts show appreciation for your employees and for your top customers who support your company throughout the year and they are perfect gifts for the holiday season. Below you will find the top selling ornaments based on sales from previous years, as well as the busy 2015 "ornament season" which started in mid-October and continues through mid-December. You will find the top sellers consist of traditional ball ornaments, glass ornaments, modern flat shatterproof ornaments, as well as a mix of other unique ornaments.

Top Selling Custom Christmas Ornaments

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Emotional Promotional ProductsChristmas has become not just a holiday, but a month-long season. Rather than one day near the end of December, it now begins the day after Thanksgiving and extends through New Year's Eve for many people. While some don't like the extended Christmas season, many Americans do. If you think about the psychology of behind the holiday and the behavior and feelings this holiday season brings, it makes sense why so many cling to it for so long. The Christmas seasons brings feelings of love, hope, generosity, and kindness, which are often scarce during the other 11 months out of the year. Of course people want more of those feelings, so they grasp on to the season and extend it as long as possible. The Christmas season is also full of charitable events to help those in need. Many workplaces have a more relaxed environment. People are generally happier. This holiday season is full of many types of emotions. Some are sad emotions from people missing loved ones that have passed on, but most are
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Custom Shaped Christmas OrnamentsAs we approach nearer to the Christmas season, hopefully you have already planned most of your marketing plans, which include custom Christmas ornaments. Corporate Christmas ornaments are among the most popular giveaways for employees and customers during the holiday season. They come in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and styles. Many companies give out Christmas ornaments each year that are branded with their logo. They make sure to give different ornaments each year so their customers and employees can create a collection to use to decorate their Christmas tree. This method of creating collections is very effective. Each year their customers begin anticipating the ornament they will receive and wondering what shape or color it may be. Another great option to be different and stand out is to have custom shaped Christmas ornaments. You can create your own designs, including the shape of your logo. The great news about custom shape ornaments is they are affordable for small companies. These are available in small quantities, some as few as 50 ornaments. Below you can find the options available.

Custom Shape Christmas Ornaments

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Thrifty Thursday - Sun Catcher Christmas Ornaments

Sun Catcher Christmas Ornaments

It's common for companies to give out custom Christmas ornaments during the holiday season as "Thank You" gifts or just part of marketing plans to stay in front of customers during this season of spending. Our Thrifty Thursday featured product of the week is the Sun Catcher Christmas Ornament. While these can certainly be used during other times of the year, they work perfectly as tree ornaments. They are made of clear acrylic and are printed with your full color design. Because these are very low cost, they are excellent giveaways for a large number of recipients.

Custom Sun Catcher Christmas Ornaments - Thrifty ThursdaySun Catcher Features 

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Ideas for Custom Christmas OrnamentsThe Christmas season is a favorite for millions of Americans. This is a time for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ. During this festive holiday season, gift giving is a traditional part of the celebration. This giving extends to the corporate world with companies giving gifts to employees and their clients. The Christmas season is a great time to show appreciation to those who make your company successful, your employees and your customers. Both are integral parts of every business. One of the most popular giveaways during the Christmas holidays is custom Christmas ornaments. Your company logo is printed on these Christmas ornaments and given away to those you want to show appreciation. There are many creative ways to giveaway corporate Christmas ornaments and below are a few ideas. 
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Christmas Gifts that are not CommercializedChristmas has certainly become commercialized over the last several decades. Retails stores begin stocking Christmas items as early as August to get a jump on their competitors. Before items for the Fall season are stocked on the shelves, the Christmas creep shows face. You can easily get bogged down in the busyness of Christmas shopping, holiday parties, Christmas plays and performances, and multiple family visits OR you can actually enjoy the season by relaxing and spending time with friends and family. In the classic Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown says, "...I won't let all this commercialism ruin my Christmas." Following the same Christmas spirit that Charlie Brown had, I'd like to