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Change is inevitable for most businesses. If you don't adapt with the times, you'll soon find your business is struggling to stay afloat. Inevitable changes may include the way you perfect your business services, the products you offer, the physical look and feel of your...

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Need A Creative Way to Grab the Attention of Your Clients? Don't Miss These 25 Ways to use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets 25 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets If you're looking for new, creative ways to grab the attention of your potential customers and clients, then read on to get these 25 ways to use promotional items in your marketing strategy today. Not only are these promotional products economical, but they are thoughtful. #1: Ship a Mug Brand a coffee mug or tumbler and ship it to a prospect. The next day, follow up with a branded packet of coffee and a note introducing your company. The two-day punch of gifts helps to peak interest in your company and serves to warm up your prospect to be much more receptive to receiving your phone call. #2: Mail a Handwritten Note Write a note of thanks on a company notecard and send it with a customized pen with your client's name printed on the barrel of the pen. In the note, thank your client for working with you on a past order. This is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your clients and earn more business from them.
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Tailgate Kit that comes packaged in a drawstring backpackWhen it comes to thank you gifts at events, promotional items are the perfect giveaways. But presentation is extremely important. Handing out loose promotional products or giving them in a cheap white, flimsy box or disposable plastic bag isn't a good presentation. That cheapens the whole experience and lowers the perceived value of the gift. In the end, it can reflect poorly on your company or event. If your budget allows, you can opt for custom packaging and present your giveaways in a beautifully crafted box that perfectly fits your promos. However, this option isn't always cost-effective, and it takes planning well in advance. An alternative option is to use other promotional products as a vessel to hold your giveaways. For this purpose, you have to think outside the box (custom packaging) on this. A low priced plastic bag is frequently used to hold the multiple giveaways that are presented to your recipients. But why spend money on bags that will promptly be thrown away? Instead, also think outside the bag. 
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Custom Koozies with FREE SetupWe've posted before about how custom koozies are overdone; however, they do have their rightful place to strengthen your brand. You have to be creative with your approach when using koozies. As an example of what NOT to do, giving away koozies as your main company giveaway is one of them. Giving away koozies with your logo to people as a "thank you" gift for their business is actually an insult, since people understand the value or cost of a simple koozie. However, for parties and functions in which canned drinks, such as soda or beer, are served, a koozie is a great touch. They are especially effective when you opt for special shaped koozies. Not only do the koozies help keep the drinks cold, but they keep people's hands dry. There's nothing worse than shaking someone's hand at a party and their hand is moist. Even if the moistness is from the cold can, one's imagination starts to run wild. Is it sweat? Did the person just come from the bathroom? You see how the thoughts get worse and worse. Below, are many koozie options that all have FREE setups for a 1 color imprint. This option for free setup allows you to stay within your budget and get more koozies for your budget.

Custom Koozies with FREE Setup

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Custom KooziesYou may call them coolies, can huggers, can insulators, huggies, cozies, coosies, or countless other names. I just call them koozies. Why? Because one manufacturer trademarked the name, Koozie, back in 1980 and made these items famous within the promotional products industry and the name stuck. From there, hundreds of other manufacturers jumped on board, attempting to differentiate themselves only by calling the products by a different, but similar name. Overall, the product was essentially the same. If you want to make me cringe,