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As a business owner, a common goal is to be #1 in your market. Your market might be only your local town, your region, or nationwide. For some companies, it could even be international. Either way, your company must have excellent relationships with your suppliers to reach that goal. You can't dominate your market if you have unreliable suppliers. Your suppliers must be trustworthy, fairly priced, and reliable. They must be willing to work with your company to overcome challenges if they arise, which any business owner knows far too well these "challenges" can show their face at the most inopportune times. On the flip side, you must be willing to reciprocate the business relationship with your suppliers. That means not beating them up on pricing. It means being loyal. It requires good communication.

Our #1 Foam Fingers Supplier

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our favorite factory where our custom foam fingers are made. This experience was not only educational to learn the 7 steps to manufacturing bulk foam fingers but also critical in advancing our professional relationship with this key supplier.
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Upselling and cross-selling are both vital components of successful businesses. These practices help increase sales as well as increase profits. Upselling is the practice of encouraging a buyer to purchase a more expensive product or service than originally intended. Cross-selling is the practice of selling additional...

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As a promotional products distributor since 1999, we have helped thousands of clients over the years. We embrace the differences for each of our clients and adjust marketing campaigns and strategies to meet their specific objectives. During this time, we have identified the main types of buyers for promotional products. While there are quite a few more, we feel these are 7 main classifications.

7 Types of Promotional Products Buyers

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Custom flip flops are perfect promotional items for the summertime. No matter if you are from a beach town or the mid-west, when the heat rises, the flip flops come out! When it comes to choosing the best pair of promotional flip flops to buy, the options can be overwhelming. We have scaled the customizable flip flops down giving you enough to choose from in respect to price and style without overwhelming you with endless pages of the same product. This buying guide will help to better explain a few of the custom options offered on our flip flops and help you get the best product for your budget. Let’s get started!
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How to save money when you buy bulk foam fingersFoam fingers are a staple at sporting events. Whether the sport be football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey, fans love waiving their team's foam fingers while cheering on their beloved team. These foam hands provide an incredible opportunity to raise funds by selling to your fan base. While finding the right shape and size for your foam finger may not be so difficult, fitting your order into your budget may be a bit more challenging when factoring in the shipping costs. Foam fingers are very lightweight, so why are they so expensive to ship? It is true that foam fingers don't weight much; however, UPS and FedEx
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Every business has some kind of talent or quality that makes it unique. Moreover, every business has people behind the company image that offers one-of-a-kind experiences for your customers. Sometimes the hard part is honing in on that uniqueness in order to convey it to potential customers. With...

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[caption id="attachment_2620" align="alignright" width="447"]PPAI Expo 2016- Las Vegas The building pictured on the left is the Mandalay Bay, home of the PPAI Expo. The pyramid structure on right is the Luxor Hotel & Casino.[/caption] Another year is behind us with the prospect of another exciting year at Perfect Imprints. With the beginning of each new year comes the PPAI Expo, which is the largest promotional products trade show and held in Las Vegas, NV. At the expo, more than 11,000 promotional products distributors attend, along with roughly 1,300 promotional products suppliers to exhibit over 1,000,000 square feet of promotional products. Along with the exhibits, there are many educational sessions and networking events located at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from January 10-14, 2016.

Below are 8 reasons we LOVE to attend the PPAI Expo: