Drinkware / 29.12.2015

Custom KooziesYou may call them coolies, can huggers, can insulators, huggies, cozies, coosies, or countless other names. I just call them koozies. Why? Because one manufacturer trademarked the name, Koozie, back in 1980 and made these items famous within the promotional products industry and the name stuck. From there, hundreds of other manufacturers jumped on board, attempting to differentiate themselves only by calling the products by a different, but similar name. Overall, the product was essentially the same. If you want to make me cringe,
Drinkware, Trendy Tuesday / 12.11.2014

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with LogoKoozies are very popular promotional items that many companies give away. However, your customers only need so many koozies before they get tired of receiving them. Once they get more than a few they begin tossing them in the trash, unless your koozie stands out and is really cool. Our brand new line of burlap koozies featured this Trendy Tuesday are a great choice so your koozies will be different and will be actually saved and used by your customers. These koozies are elegant enough for the most upscale events. These koozies are so stylish that they make serving canned beverages cool again. These are great for parties, weddings, and upscale giveaways. Promotional Burlap Koozies - Wedding Gifts Want to see other custom koozies? Check out all other styles.

Burlap Koozie Features