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The sad truth is most Americans have never read the Declaration of Independence. It is only a 4-minute read. You can do it. You should do it. It's your patriotic duty to read it and understand how your freedom evolved. Please read it. Once you read it, please share this page to encourage other Americans to read the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America

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Resistance exercise bands are a great piece of workout equipment that can be easily incorporated into your existing fitness routine. Using resistance bands can increase flexibility and core strength no matter the fitness level you are at. These versatile pieces are small, portable and cost-effective. With a variety of colors and resistance levels to choose from the options can be overwhelming so we have put together a buying guide to help make choosing the right resistance band for your needs fast and easy. You can see all of our resistance bands by clicking here.  
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7 Reasons to go for a run nowRunning is not for everyone, but for those who love to run, it is an addiction. It is a passion. For runners, this sport can become an obsession. The day does not feel complete until we get our run in. My wife says I need to run the crazy off after a day at work. 2016 statistics estimate about 17 million runners finished official races, and that number doesn't count the number of non-competitive runners who only run for the love of running or for fitness. If you don't frequently run, below are a few reasons to start.

7 Reasons To Go For A Run Now

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Custom exercise bands such as Therabands are very popular promotional items to help stretch and strengthen your muscles. These exercise promotional items are great for yoga studios, physical therapists, fitness centers, and other health-related businesses. They are also great for dance teams. Check out this Boomerang from Metropolitan Dance Theatre of New Orleans. They are happy with their Therabands to use for their dance team! We'd like to extend a BIG thanks to the MDTNO Team for sharing! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @mdtdance

Our therabands are in!

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Pet Promotional ProductsIn the U.S., there are more than 218 million pets living in 79.7 million households. While this number is comprised mostly of dogs and cats, other pets are also included such as birds, hamsters, fish, and even snakes. Yes, some people have snakes as pets. The majority of people in the U.S. love pets. Some people may feel they identify better with their pet than they do with other people. After all, pets don't argue with you. They don't discriminate. They don't complain. They simply offer unconditional love, which all people need. Interesting Pet Statistics (Dogs & Cats)
  • 63.2% consider their pets to be family members.
  • 35.8% consider their pets to be companions.
  • An estimated $60.59 billion was spent on pets in 2015.
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Promotional items that reduce stressWith the holiday season comes many extra "stressors." If you don't manage your holiday stress appropriately, the extra busyness of the season can quickly take over your life and ruin your holidays. Some of the extra stress with the holidays may include:
  • Attending many Christmas parties and other holiday events.
  • Deciding what gifts to buy friends and family.
  • Shipping Christmas gifts to arrive in time .
  • Fighting massive holiday crowds at the stores.
  • Hosting family at your home.
What if your company could be help reduce the stress of your customers? It would certainly promote a more favorable outlook for your company. These products below are great promotional giveaways which can help reduce stress, not only during the holiday season, but also all year long!

7 Promotional Items That Reduce Stress