The Top Selling Thundersticks to Rally School Spirit

Top Selling Thundersticks to Rally School Spirit

If you want to rally school spirit at your football and basketball games to really get your fans cheering loudly, thundersticks are the most popular cheering items to accomplish that goal. Here, you’ll find the top-selling stadium (or arena) noisemakers to help you choose which type of inflatable noisemakers to choose – thundersticks vs. BamBams vs. thunderstix.

Football Spirit Items Checklist

Checklist for Football Spirit Items

Here is a checklist for your football spirit items to make sure your fundraising efforts are maximized before, during, and after football games.

Foam Fingers Continue to Prove Their Effectiveness

Foam fingers and foam hands have been a popular sports spirit item since they were introduced in 1971 at a high school boys state basketball final. However, the first prototype wasn’t made of foam. Instead, the giant foam finger at that game was made of hardware cloth and papier-mâché. Since then, many different manufacturing companies […]

Top 3 Football Spirit Items (and a rising star)

Each year as school comes to a close, students and teachers are look forward to a few months of downtime. Plans are made for sleeping late, vacations, pool and beach time, and plenty of time to explore favorite hobbies. However, for football coaches, there is no rest. It’s already time to plan the new football […]

How to Save Money When Shipping Bulk Foam Fingers

Foam fingers are a staple at sporting events. Whether the sport be football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey, fans love waiving their team’s foam fingers while cheering on their beloved team. These foam hands provide an incredible opportunity to raise funds by selling to your fan base. While finding the right shape and size for […]

Let the Tailgating Begin!

With college football underway, tailgating at the games is a regular occurrence for many sports fans. Supporting your alma mater and enjoying yourself with other alumni is a pastime that many alum look forward to doing at each home football game. However, to properly tailgate, you must have the right gear. First of all, food and drinks […]

Trendy Tuesday – Football Helmet Yard Signs

Football Helmet Shaped Yard Signs With high school football starting now, it’s time to begin promoting the Friday night games and filling the stadium. These football helmet shape yard signs are great to use in the medians of the roads on game day to promote attendance. They are also great to sell to the football […]

Trendy Tuesday – Cow Bell

Large Cow Bell Cow bells are loud, which means they are sure to get you noticed whether you are at the big game or whatever event you happen to be attending. These cow bells comes with a top handle for easy carrying and ringing. With football season starting for most high schools in just a few […]

Thrifty Thursday – Vinyl Mini Footballs

Vinyl Mini Footballs The start of football season is just a few short months away. Soon, high football stadiums around the country will fill up on Friday nights with thousands of potential new customers for your business. Sponsoring your local area high schools with mini football giveaways is a great way to get your name into […]

Whether You Like ‘Em or Not, Give Them The Finger

Some people you like; some people you just don’t. This is especially true when the conversation shifts to sports. You know that overly-obnoxious sports fan that wears a shirt, hat, and even a wrist watch EVERY SINGLE DAY supporting their team. It’s that same person that shifts every conversation back to sports (particularly “their College […]