Go Long! Why a Personalized Football Makes a Great Promotional Item

Personalized Footballs

Are you interested in finding a sports-related promotional product to market your business?

There are so many options for you to choose from. From small golf balls to full-size basketballs and everything in between, you can attract attention to your business in so many different ways.

But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, creating personalized footballs for your company might just be your best bet. Football has transformed into the most popular sport in America in recent years, so it only makes sense for you to ride the wave of its success.

Do You Have Goals For Your Promotional Products?

Set Goals For Your Promotional Products

When you buy promotional products, it’s important those items be part of a bigger plan. Your promos should always help lead to meeting a specific goal. Shortcuts don’t work when buying promotional products if you want the maximum return on your investment. A plan is critical. But before you can plan, you must have a […]

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Skiing With Thundersticks

On the first and third Friday of every month, we release a new PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints featuring our favorite seasonal promotional products. These doodles are hand-drawn by our talented graphic designers, and they include an actual promotional item being used in a creative and often, non-traditional way. This PromoDoodle features the best-selling sports noisemakers of all-time: thundersticks.

Football Spirit Items Checklist

Checklist for Football Spirit Items

Here is a checklist for your football spirit items to make sure your fundraising efforts are maximized before, during, and after football games.

25 Ways to use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets

Need A Creative Way to Grab the Attention of Your Clients? Don’t Miss These 25 Ways to use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets If you’re looking for new, creative ways to grab the attention of your potential customers and clients, then read on to get these 25 ways to use promotional items in your marketing […]

12 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Campaigns Using Promotional Items

You should consider business promotional products to be essential components of your larger marketing strategy. Although promotional items are fundamental if you want to expand your reach, there is a second component needed to unlock their true potential. There are two parts to the concept of marketing reach: the size of the audience and the […]

Top 25 Selling Custom Beach Balls

Top 25 Selling Custom Beach Balls

Beach balls are one of the most iconic toys for the beach. There are also so many ways to use them when marketing your business or event. That’s why they are a top selling promotional item during the Spring and Summer seasons.

Surviving the Office Personalities (Using Promotional Items)

Surviving The Office Personalities (And How To Deal With Them)

Working in an office is a lot like a game of cat and mouse. With every different person in the office, comes a different personality, and each one has their own quirks. No matter if it is a large office of hundreds or a small office with just a handful, navigating the different personalities can make your head spin. The best plan to survive the day in and day out is to know the different personalities, and how to deal with each one. We have included a tip under each to help you.

Foam Fingers Continue to Prove Their Effectiveness

Foam fingers and foam hands have been a popular sports spirit item since they were introduced in 1971 at a high school boys state basketball final. However, the first prototype wasn’t made of foam. Instead, the giant foam finger at that game was made of hardware cloth and papier-mâché. Since then, many different manufacturing companies […]

Top Selling October Promotional Products

October is a very active month for events and promotions. Fall activities really ramp up to start the holiday season. There are also many recognition and awareness events during October, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fire Prevention Week, American Pharmacists Month, Boss’s Day, and many more. Below you’ll find the top selling promotional items […]