How to Keep Your Beach Items Safe

How To Keep Your Beach Items Safe

While at the beach, keeping your stuff safe is not always easy. You may want to be in the water, but you have your camera, phone, and other valuables that you cannot take into the ocean with you. Items may get lost, wet, or stolen if left on the beach unattended–and no one wants to […]

3 Promotional Self-Care Products For Your Next Instagram Giveaway

promotional self-care products for instagram

If you’re a small business or a growing brand, one of your main goals should be to expand your consumer market. With so many directions to pursue, this endeavor can start to feel like an overwhelming task. However, with any challenge, small steps and patience can lead to big results. First, consider a marketing platform […]

Promotional Products For Your Trade Show Should NOT Be An Afterthought

Promotional Products Shouldn't Be An Afterthought

Too often I receive calls from clients or new prospects needing promotional products in a rush for an upcoming trade show or event. Usually, that last minute call is because promotional products were never considered until the very end. While we do offer rush promotional items as quickly as same day production, these items often […]

Do You Have Goals For Your Promotional Products?

Set Goals For Your Promotional Products

When you buy promotional products, it’s important those items be part of a bigger plan. Your promos should always help lead to meeting a specific goal. Shortcuts don’t work when buying promotional products if you want the maximum return on your investment. A plan is critical. But before you can plan, you must have a […]

10 Types of Emotions Promotional Products Can Evoke

10 Emotions Promotional Products Can Evoke

  Promotional products are a special type of advertising medium. They can make people happy. They can satisfy hunger. They can bring comfort. They can bring relief. They can promote joy. If you can reach the emotions of your customers and prospects, your advertising and marketing efforts will be exponentially more successful. These tangible advertising […]

The Top 10 Essential Beach Promotional Items

Top 10 Essential Beach Promotional Products

A day at the beach has many different meanings to different people.

Tourists visiting a beach town are keen on spending a full day at the beach. No matter what the temperature or water conditions, they will make use of their beach time. After all, they may only be able to visit once per year or less, so they have to get in as much beach time as possible while visiting.

Locals, however, typically enjoy shorter durations at the beach but much more often. If the weather or water conditions aren’t ideal, we pass until better conditions arise. We live here so we don’t have to spend the entire day at the beach.

10 Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

Custom Beach Balls

With warm weather already here, no other icon represents the beach more than beach balls. This classic beach toy has been a popular beach item for decades. Read some fun facts about the history of the beach ball and fun facts here. Custom beach balls are used in many ways to promote events, companies, and […]

Two of the Best Affordable Lip Balms Available with Your Logo

The Huffington Post recently published a blog titled “The Best Affordable Lip Balms.” Their editors tried the lip balms and reviewed them based upon their performance results and affordability. You can check out the link above to see the full story. Two of the 9 brands they tested are available as promotional lip balm. That means your […]

Thinking Outside the Box (and Bag)

When it comes to thank you gifts at events, promotional items are the perfect giveaways. But presentation is extremely important. Handing out loose promotional products or giving them in a cheap white, flimsy box or disposable plastic bag isn’t a good presentation. That cheapens the whole experience and lowers the perceived value of the gift. In […]