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Too often I receive calls from clients or new prospects needing promotional products in a rush for an upcoming trade show or event. Usually, that last minute call is because promotional products were never considered until the very end. While we do offer rush promotional items as quickly as same day production, these items often lose their effectiveness if they are treated as an afterthought with no plan. If you are buying promotional items only to randomly give them away at your next trade show, you're missing a huge opportunity to create a return on these investments. If simply handed out at random to every schmuck who passes your trade show booth, these items will likely not have the effect desired, which is to help those attendees remember your company.
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When you buy promotional products, it's important those items be part of a bigger plan. Your promos should always help lead to meeting a specific goal. Shortcuts don't work when buying promotional products if you want the maximum return on your investment. A plan is critical. But before you can plan, you must have a goal. Gone are the days you can randomly hand out branded items and expect grand results. You now have to be more creative than your competitors to be memorable. You can bet your competition is trying to outsmart you to win more of the market share. While promotional products are great items to help promote customer loyalty, they are also excellent tools to use for acquiring new customers. Below are a few examples of goals aimed at new customer acquisition along with suggested promotional items that should do the trick.

Promotional Products Goals

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  Promotional products are a special type of advertising medium. They can make people happy. They can satisfy hunger. They can bring comfort. They can bring relief. They can promote joy. If you can reach the emotions of your customers and prospects, your advertising and marketing efforts will be exponentially more successful. These tangible advertising items can connect with your clients to help drive brand awareness and customer loyalty. No other advertising medium has the power to reach so many emotions. Additionally, no other advertising medium has the staying power of promotional products. Once you buy them, they stick around at no extra cost. Try finding that benefit with any other form of advertising. You can't. Shaver et al. (2001) identified the 6 basic types of primary emotions, followed by the secondary and tertiary emotions. While many other theorists have come up with alternate flowcharts, this one is commonly accepted. The 6 primary emotions are Love, Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness, and Fear. Below you'll find 10 of the emotions which promotional products can evoke, which can help to strengthen the connections between your customers and your company.

10 Types of Emotions Promotional Products Can Evoke

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With warm weather already here, no other icon represents the beach more than beach balls. This classic beach toy has been a popular beach item for decades. Read some fun facts about the history of the beach ball and fun facts here. Custom beach balls are used in many ways to promote events, companies, and non-profit organizations. These simple, low-cost products automatically generate excitement for pool or beach related businesses or events. Beach balls come in many different sizes and color combinations, so you can typically find the right options for your purposes. If you quantities are large enough, we can do custom colors for you, just ask. Check out a few of the ideas below for using promotional beach balls to promote your cause. These are meant to get your own ideas flowing, so hopefully, some of these suggestions will get your creative thoughts going so you can conjure up your own unique use.

Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

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Tailgate Kit that comes packaged in a drawstring backpackWhen it comes to thank you gifts at events, promotional items are the perfect giveaways. But presentation is extremely important. Handing out loose promotional products or giving them in a cheap white, flimsy box or disposable plastic bag isn't a good presentation. That cheapens the whole experience and lowers the perceived value of the gift. In the end, it can reflect poorly on your company or event. If your budget allows, you can opt for custom packaging and present your giveaways in a beautifully crafted box that perfectly fits your promos. However, this option isn't always cost-effective, and it takes planning well in advance. An alternative option is to use other promotional products as a vessel to hold your giveaways. For this purpose, you have to think outside the box (custom packaging) on this. A low priced plastic bag is frequently used to hold the multiple giveaways that are presented to your recipients. But why spend money on bags that will promptly be thrown away? Instead, also think outside the bag. 
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Thrifty Thursday - Pumpkin Carving Spoon

Pumpkin Carving Spoon

If you are looking for a festive giveaway for the Fall and Halloween season, these pumpkin carving spoons are fun and unique giveaways. Choose from either orange or white printed with your logo on the handle. They have a serrated edge and jack-o-lantern face on the spoon. The handle is reinforced to be durable while scooping out the pulp and seeds from pumpkins. Each spoon is individually polybagged to prevent scuffing of the logo during transport and storage. Pumpkin Carving Spoons - Thrifty Thursday Promotional Items for Fall and Halloween