Top 5 Promotional Products to Get You Ready For The Chicago Auto Show

Promotional products for the Chicago auto show

Picture an event with over 1 million visitors. What would an opportunity with that large of a consumer scale mean for your business? And what if, say, 88% of those visitors remembered your company’s name and services? This event would be none other than the Chicago Auto Show. Considered as of the largest auto shows in […]

Hot & Trending Promotional Products From PPAI Expo 2018

2018 Trending Promotional Products from PPAI Expo in Las Vegas

Be sure to check out the Hot and Trending Items for 2019. (Updated 1-22-19). Each year, I have the privilege of attending the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, which is the largest promotional products trade show in the world. PPAI Expo 2018 was host to over 1200 suppliers with nearly 25,000 attendees and more than 250,000 […]

How Cheap Promos Can Damage Your Brand

First impressions are important regardless of how vane or petty it may seem. You’ve heard it time and time again that you have 7 seconds to make a good impression. This not only applies to your person, but also for your business. The cold and hard truth is that people will size up your entire […]

Emotionally Connect With Your Clients Using Promotional Items

Emotionally Connect With Your Clients Using Promotional Products

Do You Want a New Approach to Build a Relationship with Your Clients? Don’t Miss These Expert Ways to Emotionally Connect With Your Clients Using Promotional Items!   Do you work in sales and marketing? Are you looking for a new and creative approach to not only grab the attention of your future clients but […]

Impulse Marketing

As I talk to clients, too many are making impulsive decisions when it comes to their marketing. Marketing executives and business owners field calls every day from salespeople trying to sell the latest and greatest marketing solutions for them. However, not all advertising methods work for all businesses. Every business is unique and must be strategic […]

Shortcuts Don’t Work for Promotional Products

Shortcuts. Timesavers. It’s the way we are programmed as humans. We want to be as productive as possible with our work; therefore, we more often than not take the easy way when doing our tasks. We take “The road more traveled” as opposed to “The road less traveled.” By following this path, we fail to […]

The Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Products

You see promotional products everywhere. That pen you use to sign your credit card receipt. The drink coaster at your local pub. The notepad in your hotel room. The coffee mugs at your favorite diner. Those are all promotional items. This was a $20B dollar industry last year. So who’s buying them? Below you’ll find […]

5 Great Summertime Promotional Products for Any Business

When you think of summertime a few things probably come to mind; sunshine, swimming, family picnics, and vacations to the beach. Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy all those things but it is also the perfect time to kick your marketing into high gear! Most businesses have a set of “go-to” marketing […]

Create Trade Show Stopportunities Using Promotional Items

We’ve all been to the large trade shows with what seems like miles and miles of booths. So many of the trade show booths seem to be the same thing. Over and over again. Did I just go down this aisle? Am I experiencing Déjà vu? The answer to both questions is probably NO. The […]

Destroying Your Promotional Products Campaign – A Step-by-Step Guide

Destroying Your Promotional Products Campaign – A Step-by-Step Guide If you’ve handled your fair share of advertising campaigns then you know that sometimes promotions are a success and sometimes they fail. In fact, sometimes they bomb. The problem is that you’re probably so caught up in your next campaign that you don’t have time to analyze […]