PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Easter Basket of Eggs

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Custom EOS Lip Balm

When you think of Easter, you think of Jesus and eggs, but not in the same thought. The PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints release for today features a bunny rabbit running with his basket of eggs, which he “allegedly” stole from a small child. What he doesn’t know is the “eggs” are actually custom EOS Lip Balm.

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Greedy Leprechaun

With less than a week from St. Patrick’s Day, the new PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints features a greedy leprechaun protecting his gold. According to Irish mythology, leprechauns can not escape as long as your gaze is fixed upon them. However, the second your eyes are not fixed upon them, they will vanish, most likely to find […]

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – March Madness

With March Madness right around the corner, this creative PromoDoodle by Perfect Imprints features Booger on his makeshift skateboard. The featured products (his wheels) are vinyl mini basketballs, which are extremely popular school spirit items not only during the regular basketball season, but especially during NCAA Basketball Tournament time! Today’s PromoDoodle This PromoDoodle was drawn […]

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Valentine’s Day

If your company has artists on staff, you’ll understand the concept of doodling. If an artist is on hold while on the phone, he’ll likely be doodling on a piece of paper while waiting for the party on the other end of the line to pick up the phone. This creative expression of their abilities oozes […]