Marketing, Promotional Product Ideas / 19.02.2018

Too often I receive calls from clients or new prospects needing promotional products in a rush for an upcoming trade show or event. Usually, that last minute call is because promotional products were never considered until the very end. While we do offer rush promotional items as quickly as same day production, these items often lose their effectiveness if they are treated as an afterthought with no plan. If you are buying promotional items only to randomly give them away at your next trade show, you're missing a huge opportunity to create a return on these investments. If simply handed out at random to every schmuck who passes your trade show booth, these items will likely not have the effect desired, which is to help those attendees remember your company.
Trendy Tuesday / 30.12.2014

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Logo The winter season is rough on your lips. The cold wind dries lips and causes them to crack if they are not kept moistened with lip balm. This Trendy Tuesday, our featured product is this unique, double-sided lip balm that is custom printed with your full color imprint. Each end has a different cap color and a different flavor. These trendy promotional items are great giveaways to stand out and give out something just a little different this season. Choose from six different flavor and color combinations. Trendy Tuesday - Double Sided Flavor Lip Balm  

Double Sided Lip Balm Features

Automotive, Thrifty Thursday / 23.10.2014

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Ice Scrapers It's Fall, so in marketing terms, that means you should already be thinking about how you will be promoting your business for the upcoming Winter season. You should always be planning for your business at least three months in advance. Many of you right now are laughing at the three month thing, but its true! This Thrifty Thursday, we want to bring your attention to these ridiculously, low-priced promotional ice scrapers. These credit card ice scrapers are priced than than $0.50 each with your custom logo printed on them. If you want a cheap price, it doesn't get much better than this! [caption id="attachment_1851" align="alignleft" width="275"]Custom Printed Ice Scrapers that are credit card size Plastic Credit Card Size Ice Scrapers[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1852" align="alignleft" width="275"]Recycled Credit Card Sized Promotional Ice Scrapers Recycled Credit Card Sized Ice Scrapers[/caption]    

Thrifty Thursday Credit Card Ice Scraper Features