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Buy Halloween Trick or Treat BagsHalloween is one of those really fun "holidays" that many people look forward to each year. Kids look forward to trick or treating. Adults look forward to Halloween parties with their friends. Retail businesses look forward to the huge fourth quarter boost in sales. Consumers spend about $7 Billion on Halloween-related items each year! With this much spending, it makes sense that businesses should piggyback on this popular holiday. One of the lowest cost items to use to promote your business for Halloween is trick or treat bags. Below are a few ideas how you can use these Halloween bags to really stand out during the entire month of October.
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Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Stun Guns

1.2 Million Volt, 2 Amp Stun Gun

This 1.2 Million Volt, 2 Amp Stun Gun is disguised as a lipstick case. This stun gun is a non-lethal self defense weapon. The low amperage but high voltage quickly and effectively disabling your assailant. Carrying a self defense weapon creates awareness regarding your security and safety. It also gives you a self confidence knowing that you could defend yourself should the need arise. The stun gun can be custom printed with your logo. Custom Stun Gun - Lipstick Shape - Trendy Tuesday
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At Perfect Imprints, we are already preparing for Halloween! We love this fun and exciting holiday! For decades, the promotional products industry has offered trick or treat bags; however, year after year, the same, stale designs have been available. But that is no longer the case! Last year...

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[vc_row css_animation="" row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" angled_section="no" text_align="left" background_image_as_pattern="without_pattern"][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crime is all around us, even if you live in an upscale part of town. At any given time, you could be the victim of a crime. Riots can break out at any time. Just look at the...

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Custom Beach BallsFor the Southern United States, the warm weather is upon us and it is time to enjoy the beach. Custom beach balls are among the most popular beach promotional products. They come in many sizes, colors, styles, and patterns. Both kids and adults have fun with these simplistic beach toys. You can rarely go to a public pool or beach and not see beach balls. They represent the epitome of fun and sun. Below are a few ideas how you can use these fun promos to promote your next party, event, or your brand.
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How to choose the right promotional products distributorThere are over 23,000 promotional products distributors in the U.S., according to PPAI, the largest and oldest non-profit industry association. Like any other industry, there are great companies and there are not-so-great companies. Last week we shared the 6 Steps to Choose the Right Promotional Products and one of those steps was to choose an experienced promotional products distributor! Using an inexperienced distributor can be a big mistake. It is important to use a reputable and knowledgeable distributor to avoid wasting time, costly mistakes, and devastating delays. Not all distributors are created equal! Distributors of promotional products are just a few clicks or just a call away. So, how do you choose the right promotional products distributor? Read on to find out!
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Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Neon Sunlasses

Neon Sunglasses

Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday are these super cool, stylish sunglasses. Your customers will love these promotional sunglasses! They are easily custom printed with your logo so you can look awesome and advertise for your business at the same time! [caption id="attachment_2869" align="alignnone" width="600"]Economy Neon Sunglasses Economy Neon Sunglasses[/caption]

Sunglasses Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Non-Woven Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery Bag w/ Poly Board Insert

Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday is our Reusable Grocery Bag (includes a Poly Board Insert for even more carrying capacity and easy fold-up). These grocery bags are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them. Also, you are saving the use of harmful plastic bags by using reusable bags. Traditional plastic grocery bags can take more than 1,000 years to completely biodegrade. Additionally, these reusable grocery bags can hold up to 20 pounds of groceries. Since these grocery bags can be reused, if they are printed with your custom logo, your customers will have them around for months or even years.
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On this first day of the PPAI Expo 2015, we have gotten a sneak peak at some of the newest promotional items in the New Product Pavillion. On Tuesday, the New Product Pavillion will open displaying the newest and hottest promotional products for 2015, as well as some of the trending products from 2014. At that time, we will get a closer look at each of these items. We will share more details of those closer looks after visiting; however, in the meantime, here are are 48 of the most interesting and unique new products that will be showcased on Tuesday. If you see any that are of interest to you, please feel free to give us a call for more info.

48 of Coolest New Promotional Products for 2015

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Halloween Safety Tips and StatisticsHalloween is a fun celebration that is observed by millions of American children (and adults) each year. In fact, according to Forbes, Halloween has become so popular that over $6.9 billion will be spent on Halloween costumes, candy, greeting cards, Halloween promotional items, decorations, trick or treat bags, and other Halloween related products. Because of the popularity of this holiday, it is one that you can't afford for your business to NOT be involved. So why not promote BOTH your company and Halloween trick or treating safety at the same time? Below you will find some general trick or treating safety tips and statistics that you can use for your Halloween marketing and promotions. Additionally, below you will find some Halloween-related promotional items that are great for your Halloween promotions.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

  • Wear some kind of reflective clothing or use reflective safety strips to increase your visibility.
  • Carry a flashlight and USE IT!
  • Avoid wearing Halloween masks while trick or treating that impede vision.
  • Make sure that your costumes are flame-retardant or flame-resistant.
  • Avoid trick or treating in dark areas and areas with heavy motor vehicle traffic.
  • Ensure that your children are accompanied by a responsible and trustworthy adult while trick or treating.
  • Inspect all Halloween candy that your children receive before allowing them to eat it.
  • Watch out from small, hard candy that can be a choking hazard for small children.
  • Trick or treat in larger groups to increase your visibility at night.

Halloween Statistics

  • Consumers in the U.S. spent over $6.9 billion on Halloween last year.
  • Last year, more money was spent on Adult Halloween costumes than on costumes for children: $1.22 billion vs. $1.04 billion.
  • 49% of marketers launch campaigns specifically for Halloween. Don't foolishly be in the 51% who did nothing.
  • 158 million participate in observing and celebrating Halloween.
  • The average consumer celebrating Halloween spends about $75 on costumers, candy, and decorations.
  • $360 million will be spent on Halloween greeting cards.