Spirit Items T-Shirts

SPIRIT ITEMS FOR HIGH SCHOOLS – T-SHIRTS The use of spirit items by high school students and college students is a great way for them to support a sporting team. Basketball and football are two popular sports where students will show support for their team. This is done by waving a towel, wearing a t-shirt, […]

Sports Noisemakers

There aren’t too many places that you can be as noisy as you want to be and have others try to rival you and make even more noise. That’s why the stadium is a great place to enjoy a game and relieve a little stress. Sports stadiums are also a great place to promote your […]

Top 7 Football Spirit Items

TOP 7 FOOTBALL SPIRIT ITEMS Most high schools are either finished for the school year or nearly finished; however, it’s now time to be thinking about your lineup of school spirit items for the upcoming football season, which starts in August. Below you will find several of the most popular football spirit items to help your booster […]

Mini Footballs For Your High School Football Team

The school year end is upon us, but with the shorter summer breaks than many of us use to have a several decades ago, that means you have to be planning the beginning of next school year now. That includes planning for your high school or middle school football games. Most school football games begin […]

Thunder Sticks Vs. Stadium Horns

When you are at the football stadium, it can be a time to de-stress and just let it all out in the form of yelling and cheering. However, at times, close games can be stressful too, but there is always loud cheering to help alleviate that stress. One of the best ways to show that […]

10 Ways to use Custom Printed Mini Basketballs

Custom Printed Mini Basketballs

Mini basketballs are one of the most popular spirit items used for basketball.  Each mini basketball can have your logo, mascot, or team name printed on them.  They are fun, cheap, and have many uses.  There are many creative ways to use mini basketballs for your events or company; however, be sure to read about these 10 ways to use mini basketballs.

America’s Forgotten Sport is on the Rise

There are four major sports in the United States, their places solid and their popularity secure. However, in the coming decades a newcomer may threaten to overtake one or more of them. The rest of the world has already figured out something very important – soccer is an exhilarating and fun game. Sooner or later, […]

Spirit Items for Basketball Season

It’s December and college basketball season has started. Most of the games right now are non-conference games for majority of the NCAA teams; however, conference games are right around the corner. It’s important to show your school spirit and buying school spirit items is extremely helpful to cheer on your favorite team. One of the […]

Plastic Cheerleader Megaphones

Passionate sports fans only want one thing – for their beloved team to succeed. If it weren’t against the rules, and if they thought that it would actually help, they’d leap onto the field and start tackling receivers or knocking the ball out of the catcher’s mitt. Unfortunately, their roles are limited to whatever can […]