Football stadium cushions offer two kinds of support

Stadium seat cushions

The fans of different types of sports often go through ordeals to watch games in person proportional to the trials that their favorite athletes go through. Baseball players expend the least amount of effort, and their fans get to enjoy a relaxing day at the park in the summer. Basketball players sweat indoors in a […]

Stress relievers – Simultaneous promotional products and spirit items

Sports stress reliever balls

A spirit item is a product that allows people to show enthusiasm for a particular sports team or school, while a promotional product is an item that helps a company or organization to market itself. These two devices can often intersect, such as when sports teams use promotional products to increase awareness of themselves. However, […]

Sports that are less popular than others don’t lack for passion

Mini Volleyballs

The elite group of sports that are widely popular in the United States – baseball, basketball, football and hockey – will never want for fans, donations or enthusiasm. It will take quite some time for people to stop loving the action of the gridiron, craving the intensity of three-point shots, yearning for the tradition of […]

College Basketball Season Begins

Mini Basketballs

College basketball opening weekend has come and gone and the pre-season AP polls were relatively unchanged from the pre-season polls. This exciting time for college sports is a time to take advantage of the high energy and promote your business through the use of basketball spirit items. In addition school spirit items are great items […]

Stadium Blankets are sometimes forgotten spirit items

Stadium Blankets

Most spirit items help fans show their enthusiasm for a certain group of athletes. Noisemakers, custom t-shirts and banners are the traditional weapons of choice for the most devout of supporters, but these items are not always the best choices for showing a team that you have a great deal invested in their success. Sometimes, […]

Foam bricks are an unusual but effective promotional product

Die-hard sports fans have three enemies – the opposing team, the referees and the opposing fans. In the heat of the moment, whether at home in front of the TV or at the stadium, acts of horrible violence are easy to imagine happening to those three groups of people. Of course, we live in a […]

Pom poms turn every fan in a stadium into a cheerleader for the home team

Pom Poms

The idea to have professional cheerleaders who excite the crowd and help them to find their enthusiasm is a good one, but it has certain limitations. While cheerleaders can accomplish impressive feats of acrobatics and have memorized some very interesting cheers, at the end of the day they are only a few dozen in the […]

Pilsner glasses are the ultimate sports fan collectible spirit item

Custom Pilsner Glasses

There are many things that go hand-in-hand with sports and sports fans. Besides watching their favorite teams cream their bitter rivals, sports enthusiasts often enjoy snack food and television. However, no product may be as inextricably linked to enjoyment of team sports as a taste for American lager is. That’s why pilsner glasses are the […]

Mini Baseball helmets are great team souvenirs

Promotional baseball helmet

There are plenty of people who participate in sports purely because of how much they actually love to play the game itself. While this description applies to quite a few fans, there are some who step into the batter’s box for entirely different reasons. For this latter group, something larger is at play. The legacies […]

Megaphones raise the voices and spirits of passionate fans

Personalized megaphones are great spirit items

Sports enthusiasts have a lot of options when it comes to making noise with spirit items. Thundersticks and clappers make a great big din, but it doesn’t convey a specific message. The rumble that comes from the stands can intimidate other teams, but sometimes it’s important to show support for specific athletes, plays and accomplishments. […]