Mini Baseball helmets are great team souvenirs

Promotional baseball helmet

There are plenty of people who participate in sports purely because of how much they actually love to play the game itself. While this description applies to quite a few fans, there are some who step into the batter’s box for entirely different reasons. For this latter group, something larger is at play. The legacies […]

Megaphones raise the voices and spirits of passionate fans

Personalized megaphones are great spirit items

Sports enthusiasts have a lot of options when it comes to making noise with spirit items. Thundersticks and clappers make a great big din, but it doesn’t convey a specific message. The rumble that comes from the stands can intimidate other teams, but sometimes it’s important to show support for specific athletes, plays and accomplishments. […]

Promotional products can be effective when they are free

Promotional Mini Footballs

Many spirit items and promotional products are effective as prizes or when sold to fans and enthusiasts of a company, team or school. However, when the price is right, giving away a product can be a useful way to raise awareness of an organization. Here are some of the best tools to accomplish this task. […]

Promotional Baseball caps are the ultimate spirit item fashion accessory

Once upon a time, wearing a baseball cap meant something. First, it meant that you played baseball. Soon, it was for fans of baseball or people who needed the sun kept out of their eyes when they watched a baseball game. Before long, baseball caps became a standard part of many men’s wardrobes, and it […]

Take a break from subtlety with promotional banners

There are many compelling arguments for keeping promotional products and spirit items subtle. When they fade into the background, they are noticed by the subconscious mind and are remembered by a deep part of the brain. However, sometimes it’s useful to just go for it and shout a company or team’s name loudly to the […]

Get a jump on the other teams and plan ahead with winter spirit items

Now that summer has arrived, anyone who waited until now to buy an air conditioner is kicking themselves. It would have been so much cheaper if they had bought it in the winter! The same is true for spirit items – if you wait until the snow begins to fall, all the best ones will […]

Spirit items can work well for businesses as well as sports teams

The passion that spirit items are intended to stir up inside basketball, baseball and football fans is a powerful tool that unites sports enthusiasts and intimidates visiting teams. This is all done in the name of adding to the fun of the game, but such powerful emotions can also be harnessed by businesses. The only […]

Pennants are old-timey spirit items that are not out of style yet

Picture the following scenario – it’s 1920 and the world is in black and white. You’ve gone to a baseball match between teams that don’t wear mitts and have no helmets for when they bat. Men are dressed in suits and ladies have on complicated dresses, and instead of cheering, there’s a lot of polite […]