The Top Five Loudest Stadium Noisemakers for Your Next Event

The Top Five Loudest Stadium Noisemakers for Your Next Event

A stadium noisemaker is any device or instrument used to create noise in a sports stadium, usually to support a team or athlete during a game. You can use a loudest stadium noisemakers at different matches—a longstanding tradition dating back to ancient times when fans would use drums, horns, and other instruments to cheer on […]

Get the Best-Selling Loudest Stadium Noisemakers Here!

Get the Best-Selling Loudest Stadium Noisemakers Here!

Do you want to bring the noise to the game? Use one of our loudest stadium noisemakers as the best method to demonstrate your team’s loyalty and energize the audience. What are Stadium Noisemakers? Stadium noisemakers are popular at sporting events, creating a lively atmosphere and rallying the crowd. They come in various forms, including […]

What Are Thundersticks And What Are They For?

What Are Thundersticks And What Are They For

Whether it’s a college, professional, or high school sports game, people love to show their support for their team. Fans may show their support in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from branded apparel to foam fingers and noise-makers. If you recently watched a basketball or football game, you know how much the crowd loves […]

Top 5 Tennis Promotional Items to Get Ready For The Australian Open

tennis promotional items

In 2019, a record high viewership was recorded. An audience of 22.5 million viewers, nearly the equivalent of Australia’s population, tuned in for a speech. It was no Presidental inauguration or coronation but, rather, Naomi Osaka’s speech at the 2019 Australian Open trophy presentation. Those 22.5 million viewers are not a worldwide statistic. All those 22.5 […]

Feel the Noise! How to Design the Perfect Thundersticks for Your Organization

Design Custom Thundersticks for your Organization

In 2016 there were over 5.6 million small business firms in the US, and that number has only grown since then. All of those businesses want to be successful, of course, and any business worth its salt understands that the key to this success lies in good advertising.

If you’re a small business owner—or someone who runs a sports team or non-for-profit organization—you’re likely always looking for ways to get your company message out there and make a name for yourself. This can be tricky when there’s so much competition, but luckily there are key things you can do to stand out.

The Top Selling Thundersticks to Rally School Spirit

Top Selling Thundersticks to Rally School Spirit

If you want to rally school spirit at your football and basketball games to really get your fans cheering loudly, thundersticks are the most popular cheering items to accomplish that goal. Here, you’ll find the top-selling stadium (or arena) noisemakers to help you choose which type of inflatable noisemakers to choose – thundersticks vs. BamBams vs. thunderstix.

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Lightsaber Thundersticks

For the first time in Star Wars history, Rogue One has no scenes with lightsabers. In honor of these beloved, highly lethal weapons, our PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints features lightsaber thundersticks. In this PromoDoodle, the two non-Jedi warriors duke it out with make-shift lightsabers.