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  Boating is a huge recreational activity for visitors and residents of coastal towns, as well as for towns adjacent to large lakes and rivers. In fact, last year in the U.S., there were 11,861,811 registered recreational boating vessels. (Statistic from the U.S. Coast Guard) If your business sells services or merchandise to boaters, this list of the top promotional items for boaters is for you. Boating is an activity that consistently requires the purchase of new supplies, new parts for your boat, and routine boat maintenance and cleaning. Your goal as a business owner who sells primarily to boaters is to not only obtain new boating customers but also keep them coming back.

Keeping Your Business Afloat With Boaters

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Nail Snaps - Logo Fingernail PrintsI recently attended an industry trade show in Las Vegas, My mission was to find the Latest and Hottest Trending Promotional Items of 2017. In an industry with over 3,900 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products this was no easy task. But…I discovered NailSnaps. The industry’s only salon quality vinyl nail decal beauty brand. In today’s Instagram-Pinterest world, Nail art or should I say #Nails has reach over 100 million posts and climbing. As one of the top 5 most shared posts, tweets, and pics on social media, Nails are how millennial women connect and share the love of fashion, enthusiasm for sports, and even their political views.  This opens the marketing question, "Why isn't your brand using these products?" Consumers today expect brands to reach them on a personal level The Hype: NailSnaps claims to be the world’s best way to transform brand images into salon-quality nail wraps that can be applied at home in-minutes.
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Promotional Insect Repellent Can Protect Against Zika VirusThis week, 11 new people were diagnosed with Zika virus in the North Miami area and the CDC issued a travel warning for pregnant women and their partners to avoid this area. To clarify, this travel warning is specifically for a small neighborhood (about 1 square mile) in the following area: NW 5th Avenue to the west, US 1 to the east, NW/NE 38th Street to the north and NW/NE 20th Street to the south. The CDC has recommended that you use insect repellent when outdoors in mosquito prone areas to avoid being bitten by Zika-infected mosquitoes. The EPA recommends using an insect repellent with one of the following active ingredients: DEET, Pacaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE), or IR3535. So it makes sense that giving away promotional sunscreen with one of these ingredients would be great to promote your company and help keep your clients safe, right?
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With warm weather already here, no other icon represents the beach more than beach balls. This classic beach toy has been a popular beach item for decades. Read some fun facts about the history of the beach ball and fun facts here. Custom beach balls are used in many ways to promote events, companies, and non-profit organizations. These simple, low-cost products automatically generate excitement for pool or beach related businesses or events. Beach balls come in many different sizes and color combinations, so you can typically find the right options for your purposes. If you quantities are large enough, we can do custom colors for you, just ask. Check out a few of the ideas below for using promotional beach balls to promote your cause. These are meant to get your own ideas flowing, so hopefully, some of these suggestions will get your creative thoughts going so you can conjure up your own unique use.

Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

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Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Promotional Items

Orange Halloween Lip Balm

The color combination of orange and black is recognizable as Halloween colors by nearly everyone. That's why this SPF 15 Orange Halloween Lip Balm is a great giveaway for your events in the month of October! The pricing of the lip balm includes a full color printing of your custom graphics. You can either supply your own artwork or have one of our professional graphic designers make you a cool, spooky design (for an additional fee). This unique lip balm also comes in unique flavors such as: Black licorice (actual lip balm is tinted black), candy corn, pumpkin pie, monster mellow (marshmallow), which's brew (berry), vampire's blood (pomegranate), BooNilla (vanilla), candy apple, or dragon's breath (mint). Orange Halloween Lip Balm - Thrifty Thursday