Thrifty Thursday – Duo Recycled Pen Stylus

Promotional Recycled Pen and Stylus With Earth day coming up, our Thrifty Thursday featured product is this Recycled Pen Stylus. This recycled pen stylus goes from a stylus for your tablet or phone, to a working pen to jot down notes. The stylus works on nearly any touchscreen electronic device. The barrel of the pen is 100% […]

Thrifty Thursday – Recycled Jotter and Pen

Promotional Recycled Jotter and Pen With Earth day coming up in about a month, this Thrifty Thursday’s featured product is this Recycled Jotter and Pen. The Jotter includes a recycled cardboard cover and the barrel of the pen is matches the cardboard color. The Jotter features a elastic band closure to keep the notebook closed when […]

Trendy Tuesday – Stainless Steel Wave Bottle

Today’s Trendy Tuesday product is this awesome stainless steel wave bottle. It has a stainless steel wall to keep your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids cold. It comes with a loop in the lid so you could use a Promotional Carbiner to clip it just about anywhere.

Thrifty Thursday – Custom 20 Stem MatchBooks

Today on Thrifty Thursday we’re featuring these super economically priced matchbooks. These promotional 20 stem matchbooks are sold in cases of 2500. That means that these matchbooks are only about a nickel each (or less)! These custom matchbooks can be custom printed with your logo and are even MADE IN THE USA! Custom 20 Stem MatchBook Features

Trendy Tuesday – Basketball Cow Bell

Today’s Trendy Tuesday Product is this cool basketball cowbell. Basketball season is heating up and this would certainly encourage your team if they heard this ringing by the fans! They can be custom printed so you could easily have your team’s logo printed on the bells to show your school pride.

My Former Life as a Paramedic

Written by Patrick Black, CEO and President of Perfect Imprints. I often get asked how I got into the promotional products industry. So due to many requests, below is my story. My first career certainly wasn’t CEO of Perfect Imprints. Once upon a time, in a former life, I was a paramedic and worked in Mississippi. […]

Thrifty Thursday – Compact Flying Disc

Promotional Compact Flying Discs Today on Thrifty Thursday we’re featuring the classic “frisbee” toy. These flying discs have a wide variety of uses, besides just throwing them around. One example of a great use is serving menu items for children at your event or restaurant, as these flying discs are safe for food contact (Approved by […]

Thrifty Thursday – Baseball Stress Relievers

Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls With the start of the Major League Baseball season just on the cusp and high school and college baseball already under way, we figured we would feature these low-priced baseball stress balls for Thrifty Thursday. These are fun toys to toss around at each other or to squeeze away the stress […]

Thrifty Thursday – Neon Sunglasses

Neon Sunglasses Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday are these super cool, stylish sunglasses. Your customers will love these promotional sunglasses! They are easily custom printed with your logo so you can look awesome and advertise for your business at the same time! Sunglasses Features

Thrifty Thursday – Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery Bag w/ Poly Board Insert Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday is our Reusable Grocery Bag (includes a Poly Board Insert for even more carrying capacity and easy fold-up). These grocery bags are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them. Also, you are saving the use of harmful […]