Supplier Relationships Help Make You #1

Supplier Relationships Make You Number One

As a business owner, a common goal is to be #1 in your market. Your market might be only your local town, your region, or nationwide. For some companies, it could even be international. Either way, your company must have excellent relationships with your suppliers to reach that goal. You can’t dominate your market if you […]

Think Bigger With Your Promotional Items

Think Bigger With Your Promotional Items

Promotional products can be an incredibly powerful advertising medium. They can also be highly ineffective if used haphazardly.

If you had your choice, would you rather your promos be potent or impotent?

NOW HIRING – Client Relationship Executive

Perfect Imprints is in search of a full-time Client Relationship Manager. We are looking for someone who will embrace our Core Values, as well as someone who loves connecting with people. Working well within a team environment is a must. This position involves connecting with our current customer base to nurture those relationships and turn […]

How Cheap Promos Can Damage Your Brand

First impressions are important regardless of how vane or petty it may seem. You’ve heard it time and time again that you have 7 seconds to make a good impression. This not only applies to your person, but also for your business. The cold and hard truth is that people will size up your entire […]

Pavlov’s Promos

Pavlov's Promos

  Are you familiar with Classical Conditioning? The simple explanation of classical conditioning is learning a new behavior based upon a repetitive stimulus. Over time, as you experience that stimulus, you behave in a certain way subconsciously. You don’t even have to think about. Perhaps the most famous example is an experiment that most of us learned […]

Shortcuts Don’t Work for Promotional Products

Shortcuts. Timesavers. It’s the way we are programmed as humans. We want to be as productive as possible with our work; therefore, we more often than not take the easy way when doing our tasks. We take “The road more traveled” as opposed to “The road less traveled.” By following this path, we fail to […]

Create Trade Show Stopportunities Using Promotional Items

We’ve all been to the large trade shows with what seems like miles and miles of booths. So many of the trade show booths seem to be the same thing. Over and over again. Did I just go down this aisle? Am I experiencing Déjà vu? The answer to both questions is probably NO. The […]

The Science Behind Promotional Products

You love the smell of a good cup of joe in the morning. In an early morning haze, when you’re still getting your head together, strong coffee provides a needed pick-me-up. As you gaze at that cup of brew, what is staring back at you, apart from the steam of the hot beverage? Is it […]

Trade Show Survival Guide

Trade shows can be a chaotic whirlwind for any business if you are not prepared. The shear amount of time and detail that is required before, during and even after the trade show will have a significant impact on how much your business will potentially gain or lose as a result. Everything from the table […]

Cheap Products Promote A Cheap Brand

Paul wearing custom sunglasses given to him over 4 years ago.

Here’s one of the many trends out in the promotional products landscape – purchasing higher quality promotional products! Here are a few reasons why: