Promotional Product Ideas, Trendy Tuesday / 22.01.2018

Be sure to check out the Hot and Trending Items for 2019. (Updated 1-22-19). Each year, I have the privilege of attending the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, which is the largest promotional products trade show in the world. PPAI Expo 2018 was host to over 1200 suppliers with nearly 25,000 attendees and more than 250,000 promotional products showcased! Not only am I able to connect with existing suppliers for Perfect Imprints, but I’m also able to connect with new suppliers within the industry. This helps expand our product offering and strengthen existing relationships with our vendors.  One major benefit of the thousands of exhibitors at PPAI Expo is that I’m able to identify trending promotional products within the marketplace, allowing Perfect Imprints to better serve our clients.  Based on the recent exhibiting products at PPAI Expo 2018, I’ve identified the following promos as hot and trending for 2018.  Note: Some of my favs are not available yet on our website because they are so new. For those productions, you'll see (Link coming soon). I'll be updating with the links as soon as they are available in the coming weeks. 2018 Hot and Trending Promotional Products 
Product Spotlight, Promotional Product Ideas / 13.03.2017

Nail Snaps - Logo Fingernail PrintsI recently attended an industry trade show in Las Vegas, My mission was to find the Latest and Hottest Trending Promotional Items of 2017. In an industry with over 3,900 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products this was no easy task. But…I discovered NailSnaps. The industry’s only salon quality vinyl nail decal beauty brand. In today’s Instagram-Pinterest world, Nail art or should I say #Nails has reach over 100 million posts and climbing. As one of the top 5 most shared posts, tweets, and pics on social media, Nails are how millennial women connect and share the love of fashion, enthusiasm for sports, and even their political views.  This opens the marketing question, "Why isn't your brand using these products?" Consumers today expect brands to reach them on a personal level The Hype: NailSnaps claims to be the world’s best way to transform brand images into salon-quality nail wraps that can be applied at home in-minutes.
Drinkware, Promotional Product Ideas / 30.10.2015

Boss Tumbler printed with your Company LogoWhen looking to buy marketing items, going with current trends is a great way to jump start your marketing campaign. By utilizing the power of trending promotional items, you create an instant excitement for the products you are giving away. These popular trends vary from region to region; however, it's common for a trend to begin on one side of the country and sweep across the country. One type of corporate giveaway that has been very popular for many years has been custom tumblers. Tumblers are drinking glasses/cups with a lid and no handle. The most desired tumblers are double-wall insulated to retain the temperature of the drink, hot or cold. Premium tumblers are made of various different types of material, with stainless steel the most popular. One of the hottest custom tumblers on the market is the BOSS Tumbler. These trendy drinkware items have become hot commodities with consumers. If you leverage the power and excitement behind a popular brand name product such as the Boss tumbler, your giveaways will be much more effective and resonate more with your clients. These Boss tumblers are extremely similar to the Yeti Rambler tumblers; however, you can't get Yeti tumblers printed with your logo. Therefore, the Boss Tumblers are great options for superior logo decorated tumblers. You can drink like a boss with these high quality 30 oz. Boss Tumblers. Additionally, Boss tumblers come in several different colors and are all made of stainless steel, including Silver, Rose Gold, Black, Blue, and Red. If you want a smaller version, there is also a 20 oz. version called the Little Boss. Check out all the Custom Logo Boss Tumblers 
Office & Desktop, Trendy Tuesday / 08.09.2015

Trendy Tuesday - Notebook Paper Made Out of Stones

Stone Paper Notebooks

Have you ever written on paper made out of stones? Probably not, which means that your customers probably haven't either. These trendy, new notebooks contain paper made of natural stones. What a great conversation starter when you give out these journals! No trees are used to make this paper. And a few of the great things about this "paper" is it is waterproof, tear-resistant, smudge-proof, and anti-bacteria resistant. The surface is extremely smooth giving you a truly unique writing experience. Notebooks with Stone Paper - Custom Printed
Halloween, Seasonal and Holiday, Trendy Tuesday / 25.08.2015

Trendy Tuesday - Reflective, Reusable Halloween Bags

Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags With Reflective Strips

Halloween is only a few months away, but you can start using this popular holiday to promote your business near the beginning of October. With Halloween comes trick or treating, so promoting safety while trick or treating is always a great goal for your marketing. These bags are not only reusable as grocery bags or tote bags, but they also have reflective strips to increase visibility at night. See the video below to see how well they work! Be Trendy and give away Halloween bags that are different than the standard ones all your competitors are giving away. Reflective Halloween Trick or Treat Bags
School Spirit Items, Sports & Outdoor, Trendy Tuesday / 18.08.2015

Trendy Tuesday - Football Helmet Shaped Yard Signs

Football Helmet Shaped Yard Signs

With high school football starting now, it's time to begin promoting the Friday night games and filling the stadium. These football helmet shape yard signs are great to use in the medians of the roads on game day to promote attendance. They are also great to sell to the football players as fundraisers to proudly promote their team by displaying the sign in their front yard. These signs are not individually printed with each player's name; however, we do have other yard signs with that option. Football Helmet Shaped Yard Signs