PICM Helps Fuel Starbucks to 2030 Goal with Wood Grain Tumblers

PICM Helps Fuel Starbucks to 2030 Goal with Wood Grain Tumblers

There is no secret here. In front of every great business professional lies a tumbler full of fresh caffeinated coffee. It is a part of our daily routine–snooze the alarm one more time, wake up, get ready, and… Starbucks! Whether brewed at home or enjoyed on the go, millions of people a day indulge in […]

Practically Perfect: All the Reasons Your Clients Would Love Custom Fanny Packs

Custom Fanny Packs - Gifts for Clients

With so many freebies and promotional giveaway items out there, you want your company’s items to stand out from the rest.

Everyone loves branded items like a mug or a pen. But what can you give your team or use to promote your business that is unique?

The fanny pack.

Yes! Fanny packs are back. Or did they ever leave?

Hot & Trending Promotional Products From PPAI Expo 2018

2018 Trending Promotional Products from PPAI Expo in Las Vegas

Be sure to check out the Hot and Trending Items for 2019. (Updated 1-22-19). Each year, I have the privilege of attending the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, which is the largest promotional products trade show in the world. PPAI Expo 2018 was host to over 1200 suppliers with nearly 25,000 attendees and more than 250,000 […]

Let’s Nail This

I recently attended an industry trade show in Las Vegas, My mission was to find the Latest and Hottest Trending Promotional Items of 2017. In an industry with over 3,900 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products this was no easy task. But…I discovered NailSnaps. The industry’s only salon quality vinyl nail decal beauty brand. […]

2016 Promotional Products Marketing Trends

**Be sure to check out the 2017 Promotional Products Trends!** 2016 has already proven to be an exciting and interesting year in the promotional products industry. The industry as a whole continues to grow and advance. Companies are are utilizing the incredible power of promotional products more and more in their marketing campaigns. In fact, businesses […]

Drink Like A Boss with Boss Tumblers

When looking to buy marketing items, going with current trends is a great way to jump start your marketing campaign. By utilizing the power of trending promotional items, you create an instant excitement for the products you are giving away. These popular trends vary from region to region; however, it’s common for a trend to […]

Trendy Tuesday – Stone Paper Notebooks

Stone Paper Notebooks Have you ever written on paper made out of stones? Probably not, which means that your customers probably haven’t either. These trendy, new notebooks contain paper made of natural stones. What a great conversation starter when you give out these journals! No trees are used to make this paper. And a few […]

Trendy Tuesday – Reflective Non-Woven Halloween Bags

Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags With Reflective Strips Halloween is only a few months away, but you can start using this popular holiday to promote your business near the beginning of October. With Halloween comes trick or treating, so promoting safety while trick or treating is always a great goal for your marketing. These bags are not only reusable […]